Thursday, November 13, 2008

One thing after another....

Hey all!!!

I know, yell at me...its been FOREVER. I apologize again.

There really are no excuses. I was so busy with life that once it slowed down, I needed "me" time. During this time I actually had awful tooth pain. I ended up at a dentist that I had never been to (went during work one day) Turned out that I needed a root canal..costing me $1400..with insurance. Needless to say, I was down for the count for two weeks. I have the temporary crown in right now. This has been affecting my eating obviously..I've been just eating on one side of my mouth. The day before Thanksgiving I'll be going back to get the real crown and hopefully I'll have no problems for Turkey Day!! That's what I get for not being to a dentist in two years huh?

I haven't worked out since I couldn't tell you when....but I need to VERY soon. I'd go tonight but I'm babysitting right after work til 11:00pm..then tomorrow I'm leaving for Iowa right after work for the weekend to visit the little brother.

All in all the funny thing is..I FINALLY did a weigh in and since I last reported I am down 1.40 which is awesome. I stopped doing food journaling and haven't been working does that work? I need to get my life back on track.

I watched The Biggest Loser this week and was kind of happy to see Brady go home...I wish it would have been his wife..there is lots of drama on the show this year. I hope the right person wins.

For those of you who follow Roni's would already know about Choice Ramen and how its going to be discontinued. Last night I went to Meijer and bought 45 packets of it..they were 3 for $5.00 and they are good til 2010 so I figured that will do me some good for now..maybe I can make another trip and see if they have more. I was really bummed when I heard this news since I love Choice Ramen way better then regular ramen if you like those, you better stock up!!! Just when you find a new product and like it, they have to go take it away..ugh?

Speaking of Roni, I was soooooooooooo bummed when she came to Chicago and I couldn't make it out there. Of course when she was here it was one of my best friend's birthdays and that sunday I was going to the bears game :( But definately next time!!!

Hope everybody is having a great day..and its almost the weekend!!!

Quote of the day: Teachers possess two great powers: the ability to open and expand young minds, and control of the bathroom pass.