Thursday, November 13, 2008

One thing after another....

Hey all!!!

I know, yell at me...its been FOREVER. I apologize again.

There really are no excuses. I was so busy with life that once it slowed down, I needed "me" time. During this time I actually had awful tooth pain. I ended up at a dentist that I had never been to (went during work one day) Turned out that I needed a root canal..costing me $1400..with insurance. Needless to say, I was down for the count for two weeks. I have the temporary crown in right now. This has been affecting my eating obviously..I've been just eating on one side of my mouth. The day before Thanksgiving I'll be going back to get the real crown and hopefully I'll have no problems for Turkey Day!! That's what I get for not being to a dentist in two years huh?

I haven't worked out since I couldn't tell you when....but I need to VERY soon. I'd go tonight but I'm babysitting right after work til 11:00pm..then tomorrow I'm leaving for Iowa right after work for the weekend to visit the little brother.

All in all the funny thing is..I FINALLY did a weigh in and since I last reported I am down 1.40 which is awesome. I stopped doing food journaling and haven't been working does that work? I need to get my life back on track.

I watched The Biggest Loser this week and was kind of happy to see Brady go home...I wish it would have been his wife..there is lots of drama on the show this year. I hope the right person wins.

For those of you who follow Roni's would already know about Choice Ramen and how its going to be discontinued. Last night I went to Meijer and bought 45 packets of it..they were 3 for $5.00 and they are good til 2010 so I figured that will do me some good for now..maybe I can make another trip and see if they have more. I was really bummed when I heard this news since I love Choice Ramen way better then regular ramen if you like those, you better stock up!!! Just when you find a new product and like it, they have to go take it away..ugh?

Speaking of Roni, I was soooooooooooo bummed when she came to Chicago and I couldn't make it out there. Of course when she was here it was one of my best friend's birthdays and that sunday I was going to the bears game :( But definately next time!!!

Hope everybody is having a great day..and its almost the weekend!!!

Quote of the day: Teachers possess two great powers: the ability to open and expand young minds, and control of the bathroom pass.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MIA, Wedding, Babysitting, Sick, Playing Catch up!!!

First I want to say........I have missed blogging....and I need to get back to my goal of once a week. Thanks to everybody who has been motivation to me. I have been trying to catch up mostly on reading.

I want to share this with you...Roni is having a contest...below is the information so I can enter the contest...there will be a winner..go to her website which is linked below for this awesome see how you can win!!

I entered the Gracie Gear Giveaway!
Check out Roni’s Weight Loss Blog for more information.

As all of you know I have had a lot going on with weddings, showers, just has been life nonstop I think since March...we went to our last wedding of the year Oct. 11th. It was a much needed trip. Not only did I see college friends that I haven't seen in almost two years..but it was time away together..just me and John which is important...we would have rather been at home relaxing getting stuff done but we didn't care it was just us two. I didn't track points that whole weekend which I was mad at myself but thats life...and I did my best to make good decisions while being out of town and thats all I can do... :) the world isn't going to end because of it!!

I had to babysit last week Wednesday through Friday...for a five year old...and of course that whole time I babysat...I was SICK!!! if there is one thing I's being sick.. i had no voice from Wednesday - Friday. Needless to say I had to get up earlier while taking care of her which didn't help for trying to beat this sickness...then I went to work all the days..but was sent home all three days. We were home this weekend..FINALLY..but of course I was still sick, which turned into John being sick..he was home Monday-Tuesday from work!! But I think we are both almost back to 100% again...

I am now playing catch up with blog reading, work, and I have yet to go work out (in two weeks!!) I need the motivation from these websites to help me. Thanks to everybody who has been following..and I am sorry for not sticking to my goal of blogging once a week. I will try better..just need to get back on track. Hopefully now that my body has hit shutdown..that I can start fresh, get caught up in life (which i'm still working on), and start feeling better about everything in my life!!! I plan to work out hopefully at least once this week, but I still have a lot do to do that I am behind on.

Stay hydrated and eat those veggies..we have been cooking a lot more at home, which has been helping with spending money. I just hope that life stays slow for a while so we can keep cooking..especially since the holidays are coming up soon!!! Then life will be crazy again.

Quote of the day: Aquire not only learning but the habit of learning - Proverb

I watched Biggest Loser last night..I love that show and it truly is another motivation for me...those people are amazing to see how far they come with all that exercise and weight loss.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

ever have too much going on?

I have so much going on...everybody keeps telling me that things will slow down..but I have heard that since Christmas..and it's almost Christmas again...EEK...seriously time goes by too fast!!!

Things are going well on my end...I am so excited for the cubs in the playoffs even though there was a bit of an upset last night. I was very bummed out about the game. We are having people over on Saturday so I'm in the process of thinking of a healthy menu..but we might not even have to worry about food since the game is not on until 9:00 pm our time..but not sure what time we plan on having people over yet.

I have yet to make it to curves this week....I wrote it in my calendar for there are no excuses...I just sometimes wish they were open later because by the time I get stuff that I need to get done..they are already closed..they close at 8:00pm usually...I'm going to really try to get there tomorrow but Fridays are hard since I work til 5:00 and they are only open until 6:00 but we'll see what happens.

Food journaling is going...I have been recording everything I have eaten this week.. I have been trying my darnest to make the best choices..however I have being using a lot of my Flex points this week...TOM just ended on Monday which usually doesn't affect anything...I just think I have been eating food with a lot more I have to watch that more.

I have been drinking lots of water which is great since I was slacking on that. I need to do a weigh in at home....I havent done one in a long time...I know I've gained cause awhile back I stepped on the scale before bed and I had gained a few pounds...and with not working out that is not helping I'm sure..but I'm staying positive and going to keep on going!!! I feel better overall though which is what matters.

I watched Biggest Loser and was totally bummed to see Colleen's dad go was a little emotional for me and I've been such a sap lately so I was definately teary eyed during the elimination and even when they were deciding who was going to be the one to go home...what an amazing guy to have lost 70 pounds..his daughter will be so proud of him.

I also watched the rest of Season one of One Tree Hill...I absolutely am hooked on that show.....what else have I been watching..lots of cooking shows as usual..speaking of..I read in somebody's blog...but don't remember where/who that they had a link up for Rachael Ray and a menu planning tool..I've searched the website and can't find..anybody who can help? or know what I'm talking about?

And last but not least in tv..I watched america's next top model and was shocked to see Joslyn stay..but thats just my opinion...

Thanks for all the support along the way...I really appreciate it.

Quote of the day: A kind word from a teacher can echo in a student's mind for life.

Monday, September 29, 2008

funeral and wedding in one day....

Hey Everybody...

Wow what a weekend is all I have to say. Friday we had rehersal dinner, then helped set up tables for the wedding, and then out for a friend's birthday since we had the wedding saturday. We had some unfortunate news where we had to end up going to a funeral on Saturday. My bf's mom's bf's brother died. We went to support Daryl since he was very close to his brother (even though we had never met him) This meant we drove from our house near o'hare airport all the way to wisconsin for the funeral. I had to cancel my hair appt. (for the wedding) but thats ok...then we drove to harvard, il. for bf's sister's wedding ceremony and the reception was in woostock, il. The wedding ended up getting done early so we helped clean up til about 11:00ish and then headed to Lincolnshire for a bon fire for a friend's birthday. All in all the weekend was wonderful but very busy with tears and laughs....thought i'd never go to a funeral and a wedding in the same day.

I had a great weekend of eating. We went to dunkin donuts on saturday morning since we were in a hurry...I tried the new turkey sausge egg white flatbread..I was very impressed and it was only 5.5 points. The food at the wedding was good..I had some chicken, veggies, salad, and a little bit of mashed potato. I have been staying busy with food journaling which has really been helping me see what I need to work on and keeping me accountable.

The workout news...well I didn't get to workout last week since my life has been crazy busy (i know not an excuse) hopefully this week I will be able to get in to Curves since I really miss it. Last night the girl I babysit for was dropped off and she is with me until tomorrow night. We had a mini meltdown last night when dad dropped her off since I normally get her from daycare. I also had to convince her to get a shower but we survived :) Then this morning she had a tummy ache, missed dad, and the door at school was locked so she freaked thinking she was late but there was a substitute teacher (of all days) AHH! What a day already.

I need to get back on track cooking for this week since we didn't cook this weekend since we were so busy and not home. I am hoping life will start to slow down..even though we still have one wedding left this year and the holidays to come...where does time go...

Hope everybody is doing great. Keep up the great work..and thanks for all your support!!
Quote of the day: "Is there anyoone so wise as to learn by the experience of others? ~Voltiare

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where does time go...seriously

Today is Thursday...I feel like it should be Tuesday or something..I mean I'll take that it's Thursday since the weekend is that much closer but I feel like I didn't get much done this week..just been too busy for my own good (as usual)

Food journaling has been excellent..makes me able to reflect on meals, snacks, and when I need to not just do mindless snacking. Makes me accountable for everything to help me along this journey. I have been eating when I'm hungry and that seems to be long as I have planned out snacks for the day and how many points I'm eating. This week is TOM so that is not helping right now since I'm just wanting the foods that aren't so great for me. :(

I love the cooking at home..even though I'm not that experienced in the kitchen. But I'm loving finding recipes and trying them out. I get a bunch of recipes sent to my email weekly so those give me lots of ideas. It's a great feeling knowing that we are not spending the gas money and then eating food that isn't that great for us and having to tip somebody as well as spending the money for the meal...John and I are even able to enjoy a meal (sometimes while watching a show together) but it's great bonding for us. We also even get a few leftovers sometimes which are great for lunches.

We both have been taking lunches everyday for the last two weeks, usually a sandwich, snack, and some fruit..which seems to fill both of us up. Sometimes if we're in a bind we'll grab a frozen meal..we are hooked on smart ones..not only because it tells me the points for WW but they are actually pretty good tasting compared to some frozen meals..even john made a comment that for being a frozen meal they don't taste too bad :)

This weekend we have a wedding (john's sister) so I have been trying to be good this week since I'm not sure what's on the menu for Saturday and I want to enjoy the food there of course. Sunday - Tuesday I'm babysitting so my schedule will be a little off but that's ok.

Hope everybody is doing great..thanks for all the really helps to know people are reading, that you care, and most importantly that you want to motivate me...THANK YOU!

Have a great day..time for me to refill on some water...and get back to work :)

Quote of the day: Faraway lands become closer when a teacher bridges the distance with knowledge

Thursday, September 18, 2008

good week...going fast

Hello everybody!

This week has been a great week so far..just going too fast for me. I've wanted to get back on here and blog everyday but I don't know where the time goes...

Monday I made dinner, which was a broccoli/chicken/stove top bake. I knew it was great cause John went back for seconds. We even had enough for leftovers for lunch for Tuesday :) Tuesday night we had Pasta Roni and chicken.

My food journaling is going well I'm hoping that I can keep up with that...I can't believe I went two weeks without that...

Last night I didn't get to cook because we went to see a good friend of our's niece..she was born yesterday morning..John and I are close to the family and the hospital was near the house so we went to visit.

Tonight I'm going up to see her again in the hospital..and then watching America's Next Top Model...still have to figure out dinner..I have a lot of shows to catch up on.

I've been watching One Tree Hill...I'm on season one but I'm hooked!!! But now that I've been focusing on that, my DVR is on overload with shows to catch up on...I wish I could just watch tv all day at work..then I'd really get nothing done haha!!

Last night I worked out at Curves and I also went on Tuesday...I'm going again tomorrow after that's good...I can really tell after I've worked out that it's doing something..which is such a great feeling. I need to get some water..don't think I've had nearly enough today!! Have a great day everybody..hope to be back again soon

Quote of the day: When the going gets tough at parent-teacher conferences, the tough are glad they remembered to put a jar of chocolate-covered peanuts on the table.

Maybe that quote isnt the best for blog to lose..haha..but thats the one for today...

have a good one everybody!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Gone til November.....that is how I feel

I woke up this morning november will be when I actually have some free time..but then I'll be saving money for holidays..funny how that works....either all the time in the world and no money or no time in the world and money to spend... has been SUPER busy...I haven't even had a chance to email some people who have been emailing me...I need to catch up. Friday I finally had some "me" went to play cards with the guys...

We have just been nonstop for too long and I'm trying to avoid burnout...but I have survived this much and will continue too. Our trip to Southern Illinois was AMAZING...i had so much fun and can't wait until we can hopefully go again....I have been to both showers I had this month..the one I threw for my cousin's baby (which had tons of healthy snacks and options for everybody) then I just went to John's sister's bridal shower Saturday which was at Old Country Buffet which was very hard to stay on track but I had a salad and tried really hard to be conscious of what I was putting into my mouth...

I haven't tracked points in two weeks so yesterday I started that up again because that is what helps me the most..and since I haven't weighed in since my last post I am really not sure if I have gained or not..I feel great...mainly because I have been working out..last week I only made it in twice but that's ok..

John and I also had Peapod delivered this weekend..and I wrote out a schedule of meals I'm going to make for the next two weeks...I'm hoping this will help me stay on track for points..but is much better then eating out..which we weren't doing for a while but just last week..we ate out three times...Not like us at all...

Sorry that I hadn't been posting but I know that I need to do it because it keeps me on track and I really keep going because of the support I get from Thank you to everybody who has left me a comment....I have some reading to soon!!!

Quote of the day: A school should not be a preparation for life. A school should be life. ~Elbert Hubbard

Friday, August 22, 2008


I want to say i'm SORRY!! I haven't been blogging..BUT..the good news is I did NOT fall off the wagon...I have been busier then ever.

I have been working out..yes I said it..working curves..three times a week.I love it. I burn anywhere from 300-320 calories each time...which is way better then what I was doing...not working out at gets my heart rate up and gets me moving. I usually go right after work so there are not any excuses.

I have also been tracking food as usual...which has been hard because I've been on the go..but I am still able to make good choices since I have had the house stocked with lots of fresh fruits.

I am not looking forward to September and October..just lots going on. This weekend is the only weekend I have free until october. We are going out of town next weekend to Southern Illinois to visit bf's friends, where he went to high school..i've never been there so i'm so excited! Then I am throwing a baby shower for my cousin the next weekend, then I have bf's sister's bridal shower, then a friends birthday weekend, then his sister's weddings..each one is a separate if you do the math..that puts me at october...but then the second weekend in october we have a wedding in indiana!! Yikes..lots of money going out in the next month...

I did weigh in this morning and luckily I've only gained .3 since I last talked to all of I'm happy for that..but most importantly i feel GREAT!!! and that's what matters.

Have a FABULOUS weekend..and I'm soooooooo sorry that I haven't been keeping everybody updated and not sticking to my once a week goal of writing....

Quote of the day: Student Reward: Have a box of treats, pencils, stickers, etc., and let students pick their favorite items.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lots to fill you in on

Hello everybody,

So I know that I was writing once every few days, then everyday, now it seems like once a week. So I have this new plan where I'm going to make it a goal to write at least once a week..and this way I could keep up to date and also have a goal..because everyday is just not something that I can do right now.

Speaking of goals..another goal I have is that I'm going to work out three times a week. I haven't worked out in forever. I have been more active like taking the stairs when I'm at our house instead of the elevator.

I finally did a weigh-in and was shocked that I only gained .1 so that's awesome! I know it had been like two weeks since I was able to do a weigh-in so I'm happy with the results I saw.

I also joined curves as of last night. I used to be a member summer of college but then got busy with classes and union board so I was unable to afford it. Now I'm back and scheduled my first workout for monday.

I am not able to go this week because of a babysitting job that I'm doing starting tonight until friday morning...and without child care at Curves it's a little hard to get a workout in. If for some reason I can get there before Monday then I'm totally doing it. I paid for a whole year so if that's not motivation I don't know what is. I'm very excited...does anybody do curves? how are your results so far?

Last week I had peapod delivered and I have been very proud of myself with eating the food and picking healthy choices. I know its only Tuesday of this week but I have made lunches since Peapod was delivered for John and I. I ran out of fruit though so tonight I'm going to scoot to the store and get some.

Things are good...Hope everybody else is having a great week!!! Now I just need to work on drinking some more water!!!

Quote of the day: What is most needed for learning is a humble mind. ~Confuscious, The book of History IV

Monday, July 21, 2008

New Week :)


Hope everybody had a fabulous weekend..mine was good..but also very busy. Today I am extremely tired and I'm counting down the minutes until work is over! :) John's official b-day was on friday. We went and saw a band that his friend is in and his sister met us last minute.

on the way out..I was starving so we stopped at Burger King...I know not the best but I was I saw on the menu they had Macaroni and Cheese..yes my of course I caved and had the macaroni and cheese side with four piece chicken nuggets no sauce. I was good by not having the pop and fries that I would have months ago normally...the mac and cheese was ok...not the same as making it but it's portioned out in a small side...and i'd probably have it again!! :)

I had a baby shower on saturday..they served brunch..i ate way too much but it was my breakfast and lunch so really it was what I normally had between the two meals the way I figured.

We made dinner last night. We tried the Choice Ramen that roni used in one of her recipes..we didn't have the veggies and the shrimp but we were curious to try it's much better then eating the regular ramen...and it didn't taste all that I would definately try it out if you haven't! John even didn't mind the taste compared to ramen that's always good...

I did not weigh in since my last post but will be when I remember and I'll report back..I'm a little scared since I was down last post....I did stay on points but it wasn't the best food either that I ate all last week...we will see.

Tomorrow i'm having peapod delivered..I bought salad, lunch meat, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, raspberries, frozen meals, yogurt..and a bunch of other stuff to make sure I am bringing my own lunches and staying on track. I really love using peapod since it's all great food and I don't even need to leave the house to shop!!!

Hope everybody has a great Monday and rest of the week..I am going to try and check in more this week..but having no internet at home is killing me...but I'll try.

Quote of the day: Learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age. ~Aristotle

Monday, July 14, 2008

im back...again

Well where do I start....

I guess I should start with my favorite news and that is I jumped on the scale this morning and I am down 1.7 so that's awesome for another loss...especially with all that I have had going on...from the 4th of july to john's surprise party.

I have been making sure to track points even on weekends and really trying hard to count EVERYTHING....which is harder then you think sometimes.

I am SOOO happy that john's party was such a success. He was truly surprised and happy with the celebration. The food was great and alot of our friends were able to make it out..even the ones I invited from southern illinois (where john went to high school) He was just shocked in everything that I did for him. Food was great..had it catered and I tried really hard to eat the good stuff like the salad!! I did have a little pasta but not too much and stuck to the veggies and salad. I also did not have any drinks during the day (which was hard when EVERYBODY else was) and had a few later in the evening.

Now I'm going to be able to focus more on tracking points and eating healthy even more since a lot of the parties are out of the way. Summer is flying by us..i can't believe it's mid-july. I am working on drinking lots of water again..since that is something I did not have a lot of this weekend. We have a full fridge of leftovers so I'm going to stick to those and portion them out so I don't eat all of them at once!!!

Hope everybody else is having a wonderful day..sorry it took me a while to blog again but I have been reading your comments..I have to catch up on reading some blogs which I will get to now.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!

quote of the day: No. 2 pencils aside, the most important tool in learning is a sense of wonder.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Almost Two weeks TOO long

Hey folks,

yes I have not post in almost two weeks!! Where have I been? Well mainly around not turning on the TV or computer after work. I've been running around cleaning my house. I'm throwing a SURPRISE party for my man on the 12th...he's turning 25. It's going to be at our house so I'm just getting everything ready even have most of the stuff bought for the party :) just want to stay ahead here so it's not all last minute. He grew up in southern illinois and I even was able to have three of his friends agree to drive up for the weekend and surprise him..he thinks he is working that saturday so then i know he'll be home cause he doesn't like to go out the night before he works a saturday...but really he has off (cause I was able to get him out of work)....he hasn't seen these friends since we started dating two years ago for a wedding we went to, and before that..he saw them in '02.

Ok enough about that...I've been doing great tracking my points and watching what i'm eating. It's still hard to fight the summer BBQ temptations. I have been really good and not been drinking which was a huge downfall for me last summer! We have been at home cooking every night this week which is awesome. We even tried the Kraft whole grain mac and cheese..different but not bad. I gained a pound through the two weeks but I weighed myself this morning and I'm down 1.6 pounds so I'm happy about that and it's TOM which is never fun because all I want to do is EAT!!!!

As far as water goes...i've been super thirsty and drinking lots of water...easy to do since it's hot out and I want to make sure i'm hydrated. I have been drinking Figi water lately..i love it..don't know why but its so good!! i'm hooked! To change it up I've been bringing these juice boxes..can't remember who makes them but they are called just 10 or something like that...I bought them through peapod..they are very light and refreshing..i love them..something different then water that only has 10 calories. By the way speaking of peapod...i love using them to shop..they are soooo great at picking fresh fruits and veggies and totally save me time!

I am worried about this weekend as it is 4th of july weekend. I am not too worried except that we are going to a BBQ friday and a festival on that's two days in a row that I have to be strong with my decisions....but I can do it.

Well back to my list of things to do for the party...i'm crazy...i am having his friends show up friday night, our parents/siblings over on saturday at 3:00 and our friends over at 7:30 so this will be an all day event!! And it's all a surprise. I have the catering ordered, decorations, most of the drinks for the day bought and stored at mom and dad's house. Still have to get his presents, some late night snacks for our friends, and the cold food that day before...ahh never ends!! I also have other gifts for other parties to pick up at some point and have to keep the house cleaned...I started early so he didn't wonder why the house is SPOTLESS....hahaha

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!! Drink lots of water, stay cool!

Quote of the day: Your patience is rewarded when you hear the music of a child sounding out her first reading words.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

weekend post!!

WOW...yes I'm able to post on the weekend. I ran some updates on my computer finally and actually turned it on over the weekend so I thought I'd make a post since I'm online.

Things are good on my end...even though I had a few slip-ups this week...I mean I stayed on points but I wasn't too happy with the food choices..I wasn't really getting enough water, fruits, or veggies, but managed to stay on I don't think it was the best week for me honestly!! But I'm not letting it get me down because I was happy for the fact of my points for the week!! :)

We once again had a busy week and are in the middle of a busy weekend. Wednesday we returned to Melting Pot for dessert..OMG!! amazing...we had the cheese (spinach artichoke) and the dessert (original) There were strawberries, bananas, brownies, rice krispie treats (my fav), oreo covered marshmallows, graham cracker oreos, and a slice of cheesecake!!! yes least I had some fruit in there right..hahahaha...

I did review a few of my menus for the past few weeks and I'm happy to say that John and I have been doing great with not going out to bars as often as we used to so that means less cocktails or unnecessary points...but I do know it's getting nice outside so the outside beer gardens are one of my favorite things in the summer!!

Today we are going to shopping for my friend's niece's 1st b-day and john's nephew's birthday..both of which are being celebrated tomorrow of course...I haven't had a lot to eat today but I'm guessing john will want to go out to eat tonight but we'll see....I have been watching cookie shows here and there all week and I'm hooked!!! I love watching people's ideas...

Everybody have a fabulous weekend...and I'm going to work on my water intake mostly this week as well as the fruits/veggies!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

June, June, June

I am sorry that I have been MIA....June is SOOOO busy...john's family has three birthdays, we have our anniversary, and there is father's day. On top of all that...there are tons of graduation parties. So I'm sorry I haven't been on here in a week.

With all that being said...things have been going well for me though! Even though there are lots of temptations at parties..I keep snacking to a minimum and try to snack on the veggie or fruit trays at all the parties. My schedule has been off a little bit since the parties are at odd times so i am just eating set meals on the weekends which stinks sometimes.

Our anniversary was this past Wednesday..he surprised me with roses of course..then we went to watch the cubs game at a sports bar. Friday was the big surprise..he took me to Melting Pot. It's a fondue's unbelieveable..I loved it. We didn't have room for dessert so he's taking me back this week so we can enjoy that. I saved up points for Friday since I knew we were going out..but I still went over. The food was great though we had cheese and I mainly dipped the apples and the veggies and tried to stay away from the bread. Then we had a mushroom salad with a vinegarette..YUM. The main course had shrimp, salmon, filet, tenderloin, and chicken that you cooked yourself. There were also veggies that came with it that added great flavor to the meal. It was a big expensive too but it was such a cool experience and would definately go back.
Has anybody ever been there???

We had a graduation party and a birthday party saturday. Sunday we saw john's dad and my we have been BUSY! Another weekend down in june...phew

Other then that I have been eating pretty healthy..I did not drink as much water as I wanted to over the weekend but I stayed away from drinking beer at the parties..or even pop. I don't drink pop...recently I started drinking diet pop because it can be hard at some places..but that's about it.

Enjoy your week everybody!!! Sorry I was MIA!! But at least I stayed on track with everything..I couldn't tell you the last time I turned on my computer at home...otherwise I'd be on here a lot more..I just blog when I have a minute or two at work.

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

Quote of the day: Realize your potential, and teach to theirs.

Monday, June 9, 2008

crazy weekend

All weekend was rainy, hot, and even tornados around...not fun especially when my schedule was packed with parties!!! Yes packed...Friday we didn't do anything because we had too much going on the rest of the weekend. Saturday John worked during the day while I cleaned the WHOLE house..I was sweating but it was good...i felt great afterwards. Then we went a graduation of the three we had that day..we only made it to one..the rest of my family split up and made appearances at the other's way too hard to make it to all of them!

Sunday we had two birthday parties....surprise ones at for my uncle who turned 50 and one for John's dad..of course they weren't near each we also did lots of driving this weekend. I will say..i was VERY happy with myself this weekend with my food choices at all three was very hard to stay on track but I did great! I estimated on points..but I figure even if I'm off I at least counted some that's what matters.

I also drank lots of water at the parties since it was so hot all weekend. I have also been drinking lots of water today so far..not as much as I want to (2L a day is my goal) but I have been sipping on it all day :)

We tried Peapod delivery for groceries on saturday..I will say...I was SOOO impressed. We just wanted to try it out since we live in a condo building and being on the 5th floor and bringing them home can be such a pain. This delivery service was fabulous...everything was soooo fresh. I ordered milk, eggs, bread, bananas, strawberries, and EVEN market day foods. The milk was colder then when I have shopped myself. They keep the cold stuff on dry ice for you until delivery..the guy even put everything in my kitchen for me to unload. Anybody else use them? what do you think?

I am excited for a healthy week since I have all this fresh food for lunches..and some for dinners. I just need to make it through all these crazy parties we have all month! But I figure if I stay on track during the week I have flex points but I have to be smart the rest of the week.

This morning I weighed myself and I didn't gain or lose...187.6 which I haven't tracked that in a while...but I know over the weekend I hopped on and it was higher so that's good that it's lower again...

have a great week everybody..stay cool and dry! Drink your water!!

Quote of the day: No put-downs. No interrupting. Now chewing gum. (Rules for the faculty meeting.)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Water, Water, Water

It's almost time for me to leave work but I thought I'd post quick.

Today has been good so far...I had subway for lunch..I was bad though and didn't eat breakfast..I know thats bad!!! I have also drank 2L of water and I'm sure I'll drink even more water tonight. WAHOO so thats awesome news for me. I am seriously considering joining Curves..if my refund/stimulus check ever comes in the said it was supposed to go out over a week ago..blah!!! My brother wants me to join lifetime fitness, but we'll see.

Last night I had mexican food so that was hard..I had a soft shell steak taco...and that was about it...snacked on a few chips...tonight I'm going with my mom to "nail night" which I have to be careful of the snacks there!!

This week is going ok though as far as staying on plan...I did use a lot of flex points already it seems but we'll see how the rest of the week goes.

Quote of the day: Don't be stingy with the hall passes; accidents happen.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Beautiful Weekend!!!

I know...I know....I haven't been blogging since is really hard for me to do it on the weekends since I usually don't even turn on my computer.

So thursday's cubs game was AWESOME..but freezing. I did have a hot dog..but I couldn't resist!! and it was SOOOOOOO good. Friday we had a 30th surprise b-day for a good friend...which was also followed by having a few drinks but i stuck to my MGD 64 lite..and I'm so sorry about those of you who said that they don't carry it where you live..because it really is good.

Saturday I went to see the movie "sex and the city" I loved it...absolutely!! i am not one to get into movies like that and I didn't even follow the show religiously or anything..if its on I'll watch it..and I do own some of the seasons but have never honestly watched them..but I definately loved the movie..did anybody see it this weekend?

Sunday we went to a BBQ..there was some really good food..some healthy and some not so healthy but I did my best..and estimated my points...

Overall, I thought my eating was pretty good all weekend...except the hot dog on Thursday at the game..and I did have McDonalds on Saturday before the movie while John was working...because I didn't feel up to cooking anything. I did drink lots of water over the weekend.

It's only a little after 10Am here and I've already almost drank 1L of water..thats pretty good for me. I have been wanting to drink water instead of having to force myself to so that is always a good thing. I found it very hard this weekend with a lot of temptations to want to slip and eat the good snacks at the BBQ. We have a lot of parties..graduation, showers, and what not in the next two months so I have to be strong!

I'm trying to plan what to do for our 2 year anniversary...and I have no idea..its coming up on the 11th this month...I also have his 25th birthday in July..I really don't know what to do...I have some ideas..but I'm still thinking......

Quote of the day:The learning and knowledge that we have is at the most but little compared with that of which we are ignorant. ~plato

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Miss Me?

I am BACK. It has been definately a crazy busy week.......I had a great trip..short but sweet. Saturday was a rough start with a delayed flight, horrible service at Chili's in the airport including cold food and over easy eggs that were hard??, and a beer being spilled on me at 9:00 am by some guy who didn't even apologize..UGH. Anyways..the trip was fun when we got there and it was nice to see the lil brother graduate!

We got home late on Sunday and Monday we relaxed around the house and then went to my mom and dad's for a BBQ. Tuesday I was trying to catch up at work, Wednesday I was in and out of the office and today I've been at work all day.

As far as my eating has gone..I tracked points the best I could while I was out of town...and even tried to drink a lot of water. Since I have been back in town I need to work on drinking more water...cause since last week I haven't drank as much water...but overall have been eating within point range but personally don't think it's been the best food choices...such as burgers instead of veggies..or wings/pizza...ugh..but have been on points.

I am going to the cubs game tonight so I have to make sure to make good decisions there even though there are so many temptations..and we have two birthday parties this weekend which will be hard as well.

Busy busy brain is all over the place but I wanted to stop by and check in with everybody.

Quote of the day: Remember, next to your students' families, you are the most important person to them. While this is an awesome responsibility , it is also a great job. Act and react with this in mind all day long.

Friday, May 23, 2008

leaving on an airplane.....

First I need to start by saying GO DAVID COOK!!! I was so happy to see that he won! I will say that I watched the Cubs game first and watched Idol on my DVR after the game. Right after they said "and the winner IS....David Cook" my DVR cut out :( I am happy that I got to see who it was but I am sad that I missed his reaction, the family joining him on stage, and another song..

My week has been great so far. I have been taking the stairs and my legs are even a little sore from it because I have also had to go up and down the stairs more this week then normal. My eating has been I did go to arbys for lunch..eek! I only ate half of a flatbread sandwich though and some fries. And I did go to Buffalo Wild Wings last night...which was probably my only big "no no" this week. I did eat four wings, had two beers, and snacked on some of my boyfriend's appetizers. All in all though it was a pretty healthy week...mainly because I brought a lunch everyday..except for today's lunch. Today I met John at Arby's..we work at the same place (for my dad) and he has lunch everyday from 12:00-12:30..I don't take a lunch so when we can (today was the 2nd time ever only) I go get the food at like 11:50 then he meets me and we eat quick in the car..only get to see each other for maybe 15 minutes but it works...see I am used to talking to him at work and now that he works with me we can't call each other and say hi...BOOOooOOO!!!

I will not be around all weekend either...I am flying out to Connecticut to see my little brother graduate from high school. He goes to a prep school and Sunday is his big day. I am so proud of him. I barely ever see him so it will be a nice treat. I hope that I can stay on track this weekend and make healthy choices and even drink lots of water....even though I'm sure we'll be eating out all weekend.

This week I had more water then normal and I definately notice the difference. If I didn't have any with me in the car or somewhere I was like I was really maybe now my body wants the water! My dad jokes cause I always bring two 1L bottles of water a day..and he always says, make sure your near the bathroom drinking all that water! :)

Quote of the day: Teachers first help students find their dreams, then to follow them.

I'll miss everybody!! Have a great weekend. Be safe, eat healthy, and more importantly HAVE FUN!!! I probably won't be back online until Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

tonight is the night.......

American Idol season finale is on tonight.........I really love David Cook...(if you read yesterday..i posted david A when I meant to put a bad..but I fixed it...don't want any confusion....

I am so happy to watch the show last night and I can't wait until tonight to see what happens...however even though I love david cook..I almost don't want him to win cause I feel that Idol will give him a contract and make him sing music he doesn't like to sing..but maybe not...

Anyways..on the health front..I have been tracking my points..doing well eating fruits and veggies..I have been big on those frozen individual servings of I had the carrots and broccoli with italian seasong..very convenient for me..along with that I had the eating well frozen meal...

I have still been taking the stairs at home which has been helping..I know I need to get on a "workout" schedule..but I'm new to working out and still can't find the motivation to last past a few days..ugh..and I really want to do that couch to 5k program but looking at when to switch from walking to jogging..seems to confuse me already..maybe not once I start..haha..

Tonight i'm meeting some old friends for dinner..I have points saved to eat but I plan on not eating too much.. I have been drinking LOTS of my brother brought me a bottle of 1L of water and im on my second one..and I know I'll have water with dinner as well..maybe even a drink..haven't decided yet..I love that beer MGD lite 64 cause it's only one point!! yipee..that's good news to somebody who likes beer...

Have a wonderful day!!!

Qute of the day: The only means of strenthening one's intellect is to make up one's mind about nothing -- to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts. --John Keats

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

should be working...

Last night I came home from work...took the stairs up again..which I'm trying to do at any chance I have..since we live on the 5th its kind of a workout..

I did two loads of laundry yesterday...I swear it NEVER ends...then we made breakfast for was sooo yummy even though I did have some biscuits and gravy..but it was ok because I had points for it cause I knew we were eating that.

We also watched the cubs game and they won!!! WAHOO..

Tonight I'm meeting two friends for dinner..I've been trying to look online to see what I can get..we are going to cheeseburger in paradise..not sure what to eat that will do me any good..probably not a whole lot..because there is no nutritional information anywhere.

Then when I come home I am watching IDOL!!!! I hope David COOK wins tomorrow night..if not I believe he'll still be the most successful out of the two..but thats my opinion.

After tomorrow I really need to find some new shows to start to watch.

Quote of the day: Every classroom, a gallery; every student, a canvas' every teacher, an artist.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Back to work.....

that's all I ever have to hear...back to work time. I had a great weekend...even though it's always too short.

I stayed on points all weekend so I was totally excited about that!!!! I had a busy weekend as well. Friday I went to dinner at Lou Malnatti's...we went for the salad..which is one of my favorites..then we had a small piece of pizza each that had spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms on it..YUMMY! We went out to meet some friends for a little bit...Saturday john had to work so I got up when he left, did some stuff around the house like laundry and dishes, and of course watched the cub's game. Saturday we met up with some friends and hung out all night.

Sunday was a long day...I was tired from not getting much sleep...and we drove to WI to see john's mom to go to "card camp." It was a lot of fun..once a month..make 5 different cards (2 of each) so its a great get 10 cards done in two hours and get to build up a good card collection instead of having to always go buy one.

On our way home, we went grocery shopping...we bought a ton of new stuff..we bought salads for today, lots of fruit, and even some frozen meals from eating right...the brand I mentioned maybe a week or two we'll try those out.

I am looking forward to having another good week of points..and eating everything I bought because we spent ALOT of money yesterday at the store. I am happy to report that I weighed myself Saturday morning and I weighed I was EXCITED!! I feel like the clothes are fitting a little better...but the best feeling is seeing the scale go down a pound...thats motivation for might be just taking the stairs like I have been up and down to the 5th floor of our condo when I can...every little bit counts

Everybody ready for Idol this week? I can't wait to see who wins. GO DAVID COOK!!!!

Any new shows coming out? I watched America's Next Top Model, Biggest Loser, and Idol from start to finish....but now I need new shows to watch. I also can't wait until Sex & the City comes out in the movies...but I still need to have a marathon and watch all the episodes cause there are some I haven't seen..I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

I was also so proud of myself this weekend cause I drank lots of water..which isn't normal for's so much easier for me to drink water at work cause there is a water I have no excuse at home because I went and bought new brita water filters...yay!

Quote of the day: An open book opens a mind - and countless doors.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Im back again this week..this is like a record for me.

Well this week has once again flown by...I woke up thinking it was thursday but luckily it's friday...instead of it only being Wednesday or something...

How did everybody's week go so far?

So today I joined the Blog to Lose.....because it has lots of very cool adding friends, chat room, and forums...I just really enjoy it..I think you should check it out. I think I might post the same blog postings on both sites..I haven't really decided....

What are the plans for the weekend? Tonight I might go out with the ladies and have a girl night...

tomorrow john works so i'll get some stuff around the house and maybe grocery shop..sunday we are going to WI to see his mom..her and I do a card "camp" once a month so we are going there and then all going to dinner. that is my weekend in a nutshell..I hope to walk outside if it's nice out and I hope to grocery shop for next week too!!

Quote of the day:
Teaching is the highest form of understanding.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Take the Stairs!!!

well hello...

so I decided the other night that instead of waiting for my elevator at my condo...I'm going to start taking the stairs..the elevator is SO slow....and I live on the 5th floor so thats a little bit of exercise for me :)

Does anybody watch American Idol or America's Next Top Model? I watched both of those last night....I was hoping that David A would go home :( but nope...but thats ok cause my vote is for David Cook. And America's Next Top Model..I was so happy for Whitney..because she is representing how "normal" women look...and not everybody is a size I was happy for her.

As far as my WW points this week..I have 12 flex points left only until Saturday but that should be all good...and I have been drinking ALOT of water this week so that is good too. I have also been trying to eat a lot of salad....for some reason I love having salad during the summer.

Have a great day!!!

Quote of the day: "Learning to count is good. Learning what counts in life is better"

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm back

Hello All,

Once again I disappeared on sorry!!! It was hard to keep up while dog sitting which was for two weeks..then I have been just trying to catch up with stuff at home since we weren't home for two weeks.

Anyways..yes we are done dog sitting..finally!!! :) yay they did not kidnap me. I did enjoy both the cubs games that we went to. That was our payment for watching the dogs.

I have weighed in a few times since I last spoke with everybody...I did gain a few pounds...and was up to 193.2 and I weighed in yesterday morning and I am back at 188.6 which is awesome since I have been tracking my points again.

Last sunday, I went shopping at Dominick's instead of Jewel just to see how prices compared and to see what they had different. I found tons of fun new stuff...I can't remember what the line of food that I started to buy was was something along the lines of eating healthy or healthy living...has a green label. I will have to get back to you on that one. I bought lots of stuff from them though...breakfast muffins, frozen dinner which were huge..they were two servings for one box, and juice. Some were higher in points but I know that John will eat them (he's not tracking points) and he's allowed a lot more points then me he said those products were good tasting so I will definately be buying more in the future. We had a great week of bringing lunches...I had a salad most days with lots of fresh veggies.

Since yesterday was mother's day i was unable to stop at the grocery store but maybe tonight or tomorrow...even though we still have some stuff left from last shopping trip.

I have been drinking lots of water and really trying to watch what I eat. I am feeling really good.

And the SUN IS OUT today..which is awesome because yesterday I bought two pairs of sunglasses

Quote of the day: A load of books does not equal one good teacher. ~chinese proverb

Well have a great week...drink water, eat veggies, and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yes, thats right.....this week and next week I am dogsitting for my parents while they are in sunny florida!!! LUCKY...

Well it's not too bad..they have two dogs that I have to take care of while they are away. The hard part is my condo is five minutes from my work and their house is about 25-30 minutes from my that means that I have been staying at their house every night, driving to work, working for a little bit, then letting the dogs out, coming back to work and then after work back to their house...geez that made me tired just typing. I have mine and john's stuff in a duffle bag at my parent's house and we are living out of a bag. We have been eating out this week since we don't have any food at my parent's house...but I have managed to stay on points so that is awesome.

I have not weighed in for a while...which I need to do. I have felt really good this week since I have been counting points again. I need to start cooking more...I feel like I don't know enough and I know its all about experimenting as well...but the other thing is cost...and time...but hopefully soon I can cook more.

I can't wait until next week..we are going to the cubs game TWICE in a row..we are going tuesday and wednesday..that is our payment for watching the dogs. I am super excited..they are both night games and I've never been to a night game!!! I am worried though because the temptation of the food there will kill me..blah.

Has anybody tried the mgd lite 64 beer? I am a total beer girl which is hard on WW. This beer is soooo good and only 1 point. Let me know what you think about it if you have had it. It's so light and will be great during BBQ's this summer YAY!

Quote of the day: If kids can watch TV, talk on the phone, and do their homework all at the same time, then they can surely learn to put their names in the upper right hand corner of their papers.

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!! I am going to try and get on the treadmill at my parent's house tonight since they have one...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beautiful Day

Well Hello

I am SOOOO excited that today is SUNNY!!! and 74 degrees outside. I know this morning when I left my house I was kind of pushing it by not wearing a coat or a sweatshirt. I just ran an errand for work and I had my windows down and the sunroof open...WAHOO I am so happy that this weather is finally here...even though I heard it might rain this weekend..but I am going to soak up what I can of this great weather!!!

I had a really busy weekend this weekend...lots of driving. My girlfriend had both of her kid's parties together which was over an hour drive. Then on sunday we drove to wisconsin to see john's mom. I had a very healthy weekend.

This week has been going great I have kept track of my points for me. I only have 10 flex points left until end of hopefully I can stay on track!! Usually I don't use my flex points until the end of the we shall see. Today was probably my best day..eating oatmeal for breakfast and subway for lunch..even had lunch with john cause it was his day off..what a great day so far.

I was so excited to watch Biggest Loser last night..for the season finale. I am so sad that its over now because every week I would watch that show for even more motivation. I am so impressed on how much weight those people lost. Quite amazing!! If they can do...I can!!

Quote of the day: The true aim of everyone who aspires to be a teacher should be, not to impart his opinions, but to kindle minds. ~Frederick William Robertson

Have a great day!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Rainy Days

Hello All,

I know that I said I wouldn't be able to blog all weekend...but once again..another week has gone by..sorry!!!

Anyways...things are good on my end. I am really getting sick of the rain. We will have one sunny, beautiful day and then the next day will rain and be cold..gross.

I had a WONDERFUL time last weekend at the cubs game. I know that the night before the plan was to have a relaxing night..but instead we went to dinner and then him and his buddy went two doors down to a bar and it turned into a late night. But we did somehow wake up on time for the cab. The game was so much fun even though the seats in the bleachers were all taken and we had to stand. We still had way too much fun, drank too much, and got too much sun even. It was nice to go to a cubs game the two of us and enjoy the day together. But best of all..the CUBBIES won!!! YAY! then after the game we took the train home and we ran into the train crawl that we originally planned on doing until some people were unable to attend it was nice to see some people we knew.

This week has been nice. I have eaten pretty good even trying to get fruits and veggies in my diet. This is seriously harder then people think. I did have dinner two times this week with john..not eating the best foods, but better then what I would have had a few months ago.

We also watched Biggest Loser together on Tuesday night. I can't wait until the LIVE season finale next week. I can't wait to see what happens. I can't believe that show is going to be over. I love that show...they have some really good tips and motivation while you watch. It's also great to see how people lose weight so fast.

I also watched American Idol this week and it's getting pretty interesting as well. I still have LOTS of shows on my DVR to watch including Jon and Kate plus 8, oprah, dr. phil, I can make you thin, and some chick flicks...when am I ever going to have time :)

What else happened this week? My best friend's brother found out that him and his girlfriend are having a baby girl in that is exciting!! This weekend is going to be pretty busy..tonight we might be celebrating my friend's birthday. Tomorrow John has to work all day and I am going to my friend's kid's birthday party which is kind of far away. Then Sunday we are driving to Wisconsin to visit John's mom. My mom is going to join us because me, my mom, and john's mom are going to a card making class for two hours...should be a lot of fun..and it we will be making some cool cards while visiting.

Have a wonderful weekend! Drink lots of healthy. Think Spring!

Also I did a weigh in and I did not change any, but thats ok..could be worse. I tried to take vitamins this week. I have been getting better but I really struggle with taking those HUGE multi-vitamin. What vitamins do you take? Any advice on swallowing pills?

Quote of the Day: I consider a human soul without an education like marble in a quarry, which shows none of its inherent beauties until the skill of the polisher sketches out the colors, makes the surface shine, and discovers every ornamental cloud, spot, and vein that runs through it. ~Joseph Addison

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ready for the cubbies


This week has flown by..once again....I'm not sure where time goes....its already April..

This week hasn't been too bad for eating, except when my father decided to bring Girl Scout Cookies to work...and the last two days I've been digging into those. I am so excited that the weather is getting nicer outside..this means I can start to take some walks outside which I'm looking forward to.

I had so much to fill you in on, but I am drawing a blank....I am going to the cubs game tomorrow.....and I'm praying for NO rain!! because we are sitting in the bleachers. My best friend's family opened a restaurant up which I think I mentioned so I have eaten there twice already this week..yummy food!

I don't know if I'll be able to get online this weekend...tonight I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening since we have to get up and catch the 8:30 train to chicago tomorrow...then sunday I'm hoping to stay in and also have a low key day getting things done around the house.

Last night I finally watched Biggest Loser from Tuesday night....if any of you watch that show.....its not who I expected to go home

I hope to be weighing in at some point this weekend even though the girl scout cookies might have gotten the best of me this week..we'll see though. I have been trying to track my points on microsoft excel so then I'm aware of how much I am really eating.

Have a FABULOUS weekend everybody and drink lots of water and eat healthy!

Quote of the day: The highest function of the teacher consists not so much in imparting knowledge as in stimulating the pupil in its love and pursuit.

Keep up the great work everybody!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's

Happy April Fool's Day!

Luckily I haven't had any jokes pulled on me today....yet! The day is not over though.

Well another week has flown by and I apologize because I don't sign on here enough. One of these days I will be blogging everyday!

I watched the show I can make you thin...I had mixed feelings about his tips that he had to lose weight....but if you want some more motivation I'd check it out.

This last week wasn't too bad for me except that I did gain a now I'm at 188. I need to get back on track! I have been drinking lots of water and being more conscious of how much I'm eating. I still can't seem to get enough fruits and veggies in during the day. It's very hard. Yesterday was a really bad day. I had Arby's because I was on the run and if you know me....I don't eat fast food really. Then John and I went to the movies to see Horton Hears a Who (very cute!) and we ate some popcorn. But today was much better..I ate oatmeal and Subway. Tonight we're going to a friend's restaurant that opens today...mexican food so I'm sure I can find something that isn't too bad.

Hope everybody is doing great! I am waiting patiently on warm weather. This weekend we are going to a Cub's game and then on a pub crawl for St. Jude....both are on Saturday....LONG day!

Quote of the day: OK, admit. There are a couple of dumb questions.

What kind of April Fool's jokes do you do to your friends and family?

Have a great week everybody!! Hope to hear from you! I also plan on cooking more at home even though there seems to be no time or groceries get too expensive..but I know it's healthier.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

so far, so good

So I kept saying all weekend that I would get online and blog but I did not..sorry...but I am back again dropping by.

I want to say that this weekend went very well. Friday and Saturday I did very well for eating. Saturday I did go out and have a few cocktails but I had not eaten too much that day so it was ok. Sunday I had one big meal for Easter with the family and made sure to eat my veggies and even fruit.

I need to work on drinking some more water this week because last week wasn't so great. This morning I had a Weight Watchers muffin and it filled me so that is a good start.

Last night I recorded I can make you thin...I haven't watched it yet but I'm interesed to check out the program to see if I can get any tips from there. I have lots of shows to catch up that are waiting for me on my DVR!!! some day I think I will have time to do everything I want.

I definately wish I was back in college and on spring break!!!!!! Today is also a very hard day for me because it is my poppa's (grandpa) birthday and he passed away in 2002..we were very close and every year it is still very hard for me.

Good luck eating healthy and drinking lots of water! Keep up the great work. I also weighed in this weekend and I didn't gain or lose!! so that was very exciting...yay! John has also been doing great for those of you who are wondering..he is still losing too! I am not sure exact numbers but I know he's lost

Quote of the day: Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last. ~Samuel Johnson

Thanks for all the motivating posts that I've been reading and might not have had a chance to comment on and enjoy vacations for those of you who are able to take one!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Thank you to the people who read and commented on Monday. Those comments really keep me going! I know I try to comment when I can on everybody's blogs too!

I really just want to start out by saying that I hate not having my voice....cause when a customer calls me at work..I can barely talk. :(

Today is now wednesday and today has flown by. I am so excited because I had turkey sandwich from Subway with veggies. This week I have done really well as far as eating even though I haven't kept track on my microsoft excel sheet in a long time :(

Last night I went to dinner with a girlfriend and I did ok eat there too however I did have two beers. I had a very light lunch it balances I guess.

Quote of the day: "You know you've been teaching too long when you assign seats at dinner and ask everybody to sign their placemats in the upper right hand corner."

I hope everybody is having a great week! I am going to the store tonight to get some stuff from the Easter bunny for John :) haha and maybe some eggs and dye so we can color easter eggs. I can't wait until the weekend even though nothing is planned..maybe thats why I'm excited. I am really hoping its nice out so John and I can take a nice long walk together outside.

Have a great the way I watched Biggest Loser last night...and it looks as though all the ladies are going prediction is Kelly is next to go home. I was sad to see Brittany go home.

Hope to check back in tomorrow!! Drink your water and keep on going!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

For those of you who are Irish...HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!! I am in full spirit today wearing green!! I have my "Irish and Italian, Half Gaelic Half Garlic" t-shirt on. :)

Good news: I weighed myself on Saturday and I weighed 187.8 WAHOO...that is the best feeling. I do not know how this is possible since I had been eating out a lot with my birthday and everything. But that is excellent motivation. I love having a scale now.

My birthday week is officially over now...I had an excellent time celebrating on Friday night with friends watching my favorite band. The bar was really crowded..but my mom and younger brother even made it out to celebrate..lots of fun. I did lose my voice on friday night...and I'm not sure how because I didn't even scream during the show...probably because of that TOM..since I wasn't feeling well at all last week.

Last night John cooked dinner for me...first time ever since we have been that was a real treat. He always helps me cook but this was the first time he prepared the meal. He made me parmesean crusted salmon. He even used lite mayo for us to cut some calories :) what a guy. Then he made potatoes that just had italian seasoning. YUMMY. I did make the salad but thats because I really wanted that was simple..had olives, artichoke hearts, vinegar, oil, provolone cheese, and mortadello (sp?) meat , garlic, and oregano.

I had a great weekend and now its back to work....wishing I had my voice back though. Have a GREAT weekend everybody and good luck on losing some pounds..I am definately motivated after losing last week!!! wahoo

Quote of the day: A good teacher is one whose ears get as much exercise as his mouth.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

birthday bliss

Well first I want to apologize to everybody because I have not written in over ONE WEEK...that is awful..first I got busy last week...then I didn't turn on my computer all weekend because I was busy celebrating my birthday which was on the 10th...everything from South Side Irish Parade to having off work on Monday to celebrate my birthday....

Monday which was my birthday could not have been any better.....I spent the day with the boyfriend..taking me out to eat twice..have to splurge sometimes....we went to Wildfire for lunch and he was going to make me dinner but we agreed on appetizers and dessert at Cheesecake factory...we ended up getting meals..eating half of them and bringing the leftovers and dessert he said he'll still cook me dinner sometime :) he also took me shopping for my birthday...and we bought a SCALE...finally so now we are going to be doing weigh-ins together hopefully starting soon...

We have kind of gotten off track since we were so busy and not eating much, the the birthday= bad food choices and drinking. After this weekend when I get time to buy veggies and cut them up and get us back on track we will be good to go...

Tomorrow i'm going out with the ladies for dinner and then we're meeting up with the guys to go see one of my favorite bands!!! Sunday i'm going to the flower/garden show w/mom .

Good luck to everybody and sorry I was a slacker on making some posts...but don't worry I'm back.

I have been trying to catch up on reading all the blogs I follow...

Quote of the Day: If we keep raising the bar for our students, we must also keep raising it for ourselves.

ps. don't help that its that TOM coming up...i can already tell...blah...i ate mint meltaways today...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

run around tuesday

hi has been non-stop...

I haven't eaten any vegetables or for dinner I'm definately going to do that, even though it will be a dinner out with the girls (is every tuesday)

Today at work it has been nothing but CRAZY. I haven't been in the office much today because of errands that I had to run for work. I know I won't have time to write tonight so I thought i'd write now. I have lots of energy today and I don't know why. I did get a great exercise by walking around Costco buying stuff we needed at the office so thats cool.

Other then that..nothing too exciting going on. I have been drinking lots of water today!! yay me!

Now I just have to make sure I behave for dinner tonight..I haven't bad for breakfast and far as points but I'm not getting the important things in my diet that I should be getting!!

Quote of the Day: You can not put a price on proficient teaching. It is invaluable

Have a great night!! Happy Tuesday. I know tonight I am going to come home and watch biggest loser. John and I have been following that show all season since its great motivation to lose weight.

Monday, March 3, 2008

great weekend

Well hello again everybody...

I am getting really bad at blogging on the weekends but I get caught up in the things that I am doing. Well friday wasn't so bad..I didn't have a sip of alcohol at my party..the party was great..there were about 35 of us ladies for the "surprise" party...we had TOO much fun I think. I was proud of myself for not drinking anything except water...and I didn't even snack too much either..YAY me!

Saturday we went to the wolves game..which was good. I had water there as well and didn't really eat there cause we had a big breakfast earlier.

Sunday I was shopping all day which was great exercise and I drank water while walking. I was with one of my friends and we did stop and get a pretzel, but thats not the worst thing for me so I'm not going to worry about it. I did make john some meatballs last night so I did have a few of those :( but thats ok...not too bad

I did some evaluation to what is going to help me lose weight..I need to eat more fruits/veggies which I have been struggling with these past few weeks...and I need to exercise...but I have the drinking water and eating my points down..I just need to get the important things veggies and fruit...ugh...but I know I can do this :)

Quote of the day: If we succeed in giving the love of learning, the learning itself is sure to follow

By the way I am on day 28 of not having a beer....almost to 30 days!

Have a great week!!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Four things

Hello I missed another day of bad...but yesterday I worked my butt off cleaning my whole condo..and then when john came home he helped me finish cleaning...what a great feet were killing me :) then we went to get some alcohol (i know bad) for the occasion tonight.."surprise party" aka ladies night.

Well this was sent to me so I thought this would be fun..

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Girlfriend
2. Office Manager
3. After school program
4. Babysitting

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:
1. Armageddon
2. A Walk to Remember
3. Juno
4. Hairspray

C) Four places I have lived:
1. Crystal Lake
2. Lombard
3. Elk Grove Village
4. South Barrington

D)Four TV Shows that I watch:
1. Two and Half Men
2. The Biggest Loser
3. Oprah
4. American Idol

E) Four places I have been:
1. Florida
2. California
3. Italy
4. Mexico

F) People who e-mail me (regularly):
1. mom
2. dad
3. best friend
4. old room mate

G) Four of my favorite foods: (nothing healthy)
1. Pizza
2. Ice Cream
3. Pasta
4. lobster

H) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Sleeping
2. Home
3. Somewhere warm
4. on Vacation

I) Four friends I think will respond:
1. bloggers :)
2. Roni
3. Watchin My Weight
4. Girl on a mission

J) Things I am looking forward to in the next year:
1. brother graduating high school
2. losing weight
3. 2 year anniversary

Well everybody have a GREAT weekend...tonight I know will be hard with all the goodies and snacks but I didn't use a lot of points yet so I should be ok.

Then tomorrow night John and I are taking his nephew to a chicago wolves game (hockey) which will be a lot of fun and then keeping him overnight for a sleepover.

Have a great Friday night!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

almost time to go home

Well hello everybody..

sorry for not posting yesterday..I woke up and was very achey...but I drank some orange juice and I was good to thats good..don't want to get sick! Then I got home and ate chinese food (evil!!) but thats ok I had enough points to do so. I also made some banana bread which can be dangerous..

As far as today goes...been a little stressed at work these last two days that I have even gotten a headache from one of my teeth is starting to bother me..dang stress..ew..but now that it is almost time to go home...I am feeling VERY good. Tonight I'm going home to clean up the house cause I'm having a ladies night on Friday night!!! ;)

Quote of the Day:
Share your ideas, questions, successes, and failures with other teachers. You will create strong bonds with your colleagues. Both you and your students will benefit.

When I read that quote..I thought about how all of you have been wonderful teachers to me..and I love the support group here!! Thanks for keeping me going!

I need to finish up some things before I leave work..then home to clean and maybe sneak in some time for tv..but we'll see.

And I'm very proud cause I was able to drink LOTS of water these last two days..WAHOO.

Monday, February 25, 2008

where did today go

Well hello everybody,

Today is flying by...I swear I didn't get enough done at work today....

Hope everybody is doing great and ready for a good week!! I got up this morning and made my lunch with lots of veggies and healthy options which makes me happy because now if I get hungry..anything I snack on will be ok to eat...I have also been sure to drink lots of water lately so hopefully that will help out!

Tonight I'm making sure I have enough points because we might go to Buffalo Wild Wings..

Smoothie - 4

String Cheese - 2

Sandwich - 4
Triscuits - 2
Laughing Cow Cheese - 1
Veggies to snack - 0

I will try to post a menu if I have time..but no promises

Quote of the Day:
Sometimes a raised eyebrow speaks louder than a raised voice

Have a great evening everybody!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

ready to go

Well usually sundays are my days home with john...we usually get to sleep in and make breakfast together. Sundays usually were the only day that we had all day together when we first started dating (now john has managed to get both saturdays and sundays off)..It became tradition on sundays to do nothing but sleep in, make breakfast, relax, and get some things done around the house. Well today we didn't have that..and its been a few weekends since we have gotten to do that since we have other things going on. Today we went to breakfast at my friend's house..her mom cooked since my friend's birthday is tomorrow...Amazing breakfast..i'm still stuffed from it even though I really didn't eat too much. However the stuff that I did eat wasn't the best for me..biscuits and gravy to say the least :)

I am very proud of myself though because I went shopping this evening and bought so many healthy things and I'm ready for this to be a good week. I made up baggies of veggies so they are easy for us to grab in the morning before work. This way we make sure we get the veggies we need in as a snack.

I'm very exhausted though since we went out pretty late last night celebrating my friends birthday..which I did very well on drinking even though there were a few birthday shots I took with her..but not as many as I would have done before WW. And I didn't drink beer either so I'm even closer to the 30 days without beer goal that I have.

Well off to bed so I can get some energy for this coming week and just spend some time watching some tv with my man since we really didn't have time to talk and relax together this weekend.

Good Night and good luck on another week!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

can't sleep

Good morning everybody...saturday and sundays are something I look forward to because I can usually sleep in..however today that was not the case..I think I slept maybe five hours if that :( We got home really late and my stomach was bugging me so I stayed up and watched some tv...and now i'm up again just wide awake...

Anyways I totally forgot to mention yesterday that I am SO excited because when I got dressed yesterday I was able to put on a pair of jeans that I have not worn since before last summer..AMAZING!

Yesterday I also took out some of my workout videos and vitamins and decided I need to start working out and taking my vitamins..those will help a lot. I really wish there was a gym in our complex but NO and I don't have the money at the moment to join somewhere.

Well I'm a little worried about today since we are going out for a friend's this age its hard to go to a bar and not drink or to drink something that is good for you...however I am on day 19 of not having a goal is go 30 days!!

So my question to you is what do you drink that isn't going to be horrible for my points when everybody around you in slamming their beers not worried about empty calories...? I have points leftover to use today but I'm not going to give in and have a beer!!

Have a great saturday!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome to my site!

Well hello to everybody...this is my first official blog post.

I will introduce myself by saying that I am just starting this weight watchers journey....with my boyfriend, John, at my side. We have been together over a year and a half and realized that since we have been together we have gained some weight. We really just both want to be healthy more then anything and why not start now. He has already lost about 10 pounds and I've lost 6 pounds. We are still very new to the program so any insight would be amazing.

Thanks to Roni for her amazing blog/site because that is the reason I wanted to start ww.

I look forward to making posts as often as I promises yet..I still want to learn how to do all of this first!! I have kept an excel sheet for all the weeks since I've started but now I try to post everything on here when I have time.

Quote of the Day: The teacher is like the candle which lights others in consuming itself. "giovanni ruffini"

Since I went to Purdue University for Elementary Education..I have a calendar on my desk at work that gives me a new quote everday about teaching..thought i'd share today's with you :)

Thanks for viewing!!

Breakfast Bar - 4