Thursday, September 18, 2008

good week...going fast

Hello everybody!

This week has been a great week so far..just going too fast for me. I've wanted to get back on here and blog everyday but I don't know where the time goes...

Monday I made dinner, which was a broccoli/chicken/stove top bake. I knew it was great cause John went back for seconds. We even had enough for leftovers for lunch for Tuesday :) Tuesday night we had Pasta Roni and chicken.

My food journaling is going well I'm hoping that I can keep up with that...I can't believe I went two weeks without that...

Last night I didn't get to cook because we went to see a good friend of our's niece..she was born yesterday morning..John and I are close to the family and the hospital was near the house so we went to visit.

Tonight I'm going up to see her again in the hospital..and then watching America's Next Top Model...still have to figure out dinner..I have a lot of shows to catch up on.

I've been watching One Tree Hill...I'm on season one but I'm hooked!!! But now that I've been focusing on that, my DVR is on overload with shows to catch up on...I wish I could just watch tv all day at work..then I'd really get nothing done haha!!

Last night I worked out at Curves and I also went on Tuesday...I'm going again tomorrow after that's good...I can really tell after I've worked out that it's doing something..which is such a great feeling. I need to get some water..don't think I've had nearly enough today!! Have a great day everybody..hope to be back again soon

Quote of the day: When the going gets tough at parent-teacher conferences, the tough are glad they remembered to put a jar of chocolate-covered peanuts on the table.

Maybe that quote isnt the best for blog to lose..haha..but thats the one for today...

have a good one everybody!!

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