Tuesday, March 25, 2008

so far, so good

So I kept saying all weekend that I would get online and blog but I did not..sorry...but I am back again dropping by.

I want to say that this weekend went very well. Friday and Saturday I did very well for eating. Saturday I did go out and have a few cocktails but I had not eaten too much that day so it was ok. Sunday I had one big meal for Easter with the family and made sure to eat my veggies and even fruit.

I need to work on drinking some more water this week because last week wasn't so great. This morning I had a Weight Watchers muffin and it filled me so that is a good start.

Last night I recorded I can make you thin...I haven't watched it yet but I'm interesed to check out the program to see if I can get any tips from there. I have lots of shows to catch up that are waiting for me on my DVR!!! some day I think I will have time to do everything I want.

I definately wish I was back in college and on spring break!!!!!! Today is also a very hard day for me because it is my poppa's (grandpa) birthday and he passed away in 2002..we were very close and every year it is still very hard for me.

Good luck eating healthy and drinking lots of water! Keep up the great work. I also weighed in this weekend and I didn't gain or lose!! so that was very exciting...yay! John has also been doing great for those of you who are wondering..he is still losing too! I am not sure exact numbers but I know he's lost

Quote of the day: Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last. ~Samuel Johnson

Thanks for all the motivating posts that I've been reading and might not have had a chance to comment on and enjoy vacations for those of you who are able to take one!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Thank you to the people who read and commented on Monday. Those comments really keep me going! I know I try to comment when I can on everybody's blogs too!

I really just want to start out by saying that I hate not having my voice....cause when a customer calls me at work..I can barely talk. :(

Today is now wednesday and today has flown by. I am so excited because I had turkey sandwich from Subway with veggies. This week I have done really well as far as eating even though I haven't kept track on my microsoft excel sheet in a long time :(

Last night I went to dinner with a girlfriend and I did ok eat there too however I did have two beers. I had a very light lunch though....so it balances I guess.

Quote of the day: "You know you've been teaching too long when you assign seats at dinner and ask everybody to sign their placemats in the upper right hand corner."

I hope everybody is having a great week! I am going to the store tonight to get some stuff from the Easter bunny for John :) haha and maybe some eggs and dye so we can color easter eggs. I can't wait until the weekend even though nothing is planned..maybe thats why I'm excited. I am really hoping its nice out so John and I can take a nice long walk together outside.

Have a great wednesday...by the way I watched Biggest Loser last night...and it looks as though all the ladies are going home..my prediction is Kelly is next to go home. I was sad to see Brittany go home.

Hope to check back in tomorrow!! Drink your water and keep on going!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

For those of you who are Irish...HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!! I am in full spirit today wearing green!! I have my "Irish and Italian, Half Gaelic Half Garlic" t-shirt on. :)

Good news: I weighed myself on Saturday and I weighed 187.8 WAHOO...that is the best feeling. I do not know how this is possible since I had been eating out a lot with my birthday and everything. But that is excellent motivation. I love having a scale now.

My birthday week is officially over now...I had an excellent time celebrating on Friday night with friends watching my favorite band. The bar was really crowded..but my mom and younger brother even made it out to celebrate..lots of fun. I did lose my voice on friday night...and I'm not sure how because I didn't even scream during the show...probably because of that TOM..since I wasn't feeling well at all last week.

Last night John cooked dinner for me...first time ever since we have been dating..so that was a real treat. He always helps me cook but this was the first time he prepared the meal. He made me parmesean crusted salmon. He even used lite mayo for us to cut some calories :) what a guy. Then he made potatoes that just had italian seasoning. YUMMY. I did make the salad but thats because I really wanted that salad...it was simple..had olives, artichoke hearts, vinegar, oil, provolone cheese, and mortadello (sp?) meat , garlic, and oregano.

I had a great weekend and now its back to work....wishing I had my voice back though. Have a GREAT weekend everybody and good luck on losing some pounds..I am definately motivated after losing last week!!! wahoo

Quote of the day: A good teacher is one whose ears get as much exercise as his mouth.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

birthday bliss

Well first I want to apologize to everybody because I have not written in over ONE WEEK...that is awful..first I got busy last week...then I didn't turn on my computer all weekend because I was busy celebrating my birthday which was on the 10th...everything from South Side Irish Parade to having off work on Monday to celebrate my birthday....

Monday which was my birthday could not have been any better.....I spent the day with the boyfriend..taking me out to eat twice..have to splurge sometimes....we went to Wildfire for lunch and he was going to make me dinner but we agreed on appetizers and dessert at Cheesecake factory...we ended up getting meals..eating half of them and bringing the leftovers and dessert home..so he said he'll still cook me dinner sometime :) he also took me shopping for my birthday...and we bought a SCALE...finally so now we are going to be doing weigh-ins together hopefully starting soon...

We have kind of gotten off track since we were so busy and not eating much, the the birthday= bad food choices and drinking. After this weekend when I get time to buy veggies and cut them up and get us back on track we will be good to go...

Tomorrow i'm going out with the ladies for dinner and then we're meeting up with the guys to go see one of my favorite bands!!! Sunday i'm going to the flower/garden show w/mom .

Good luck to everybody and sorry I was a slacker on making some posts...but don't worry I'm back.

I have been trying to catch up on reading all the blogs I follow...

Quote of the Day: If we keep raising the bar for our students, we must also keep raising it for ourselves.

ps. don't help that its that TOM coming up...i can already tell...blah...i ate mint meltaways today...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

run around tuesday

hi everybody...today has been non-stop...

I haven't eaten any vegetables or fruits...so for dinner I'm definately going to do that, even though it will be a dinner out with the girls (is every tuesday)

Today at work it has been nothing but CRAZY. I haven't been in the office much today because of errands that I had to run for work. I know I won't have time to write tonight so I thought i'd write now. I have lots of energy today and I don't know why. I did get a great exercise by walking around Costco buying stuff we needed at the office so thats cool.

Other then that..nothing too exciting going on. I have been drinking lots of water today!! yay me!

Now I just have to make sure I behave for dinner tonight..I haven't bad for breakfast and lunch...as far as points but I'm not getting the important things in my diet that I should be getting!!

Quote of the Day: You can not put a price on proficient teaching. It is invaluable

Have a great night!! Happy Tuesday. I know tonight I am going to come home and watch biggest loser. John and I have been following that show all season since its great motivation to lose weight.

Monday, March 3, 2008

great weekend

Well hello again everybody...

I am getting really bad at blogging on the weekends but I get caught up in the things that I am doing. Well friday wasn't so bad..I didn't have a sip of alcohol at my party..the party was great..there were about 35 of us ladies for the "surprise" party...we had TOO much fun I think. I was proud of myself for not drinking anything except water...and I didn't even snack too much either..YAY me!

Saturday we went to the wolves game..which was good. I had water there as well and didn't really eat there cause we had a big breakfast earlier.

Sunday I was shopping all day which was great exercise and I drank water while walking. I was with one of my friends and we did stop and get a pretzel, but thats not the worst thing for me so I'm not going to worry about it. I did make john some meatballs last night so I did have a few of those :( but thats ok...not too bad

I did some evaluation to what is going to help me lose weight..I need to eat more fruits/veggies which I have been struggling with these past few weeks...and I need to exercise...but I have the drinking water and eating my points down..I just need to get the important things in...like veggies and fruit...ugh...but I know I can do this :)

Quote of the day: If we succeed in giving the love of learning, the learning itself is sure to follow

By the way I am on day 28 of not having a beer....almost to 30 days!

Have a great week!!!