Thursday, November 13, 2008

One thing after another....

Hey all!!!

I know, yell at me...its been FOREVER. I apologize again.

There really are no excuses. I was so busy with life that once it slowed down, I needed "me" time. During this time I actually had awful tooth pain. I ended up at a dentist that I had never been to (went during work one day) Turned out that I needed a root canal..costing me $1400..with insurance. Needless to say, I was down for the count for two weeks. I have the temporary crown in right now. This has been affecting my eating obviously..I've been just eating on one side of my mouth. The day before Thanksgiving I'll be going back to get the real crown and hopefully I'll have no problems for Turkey Day!! That's what I get for not being to a dentist in two years huh?

I haven't worked out since I couldn't tell you when....but I need to VERY soon. I'd go tonight but I'm babysitting right after work til 11:00pm..then tomorrow I'm leaving for Iowa right after work for the weekend to visit the little brother.

All in all the funny thing is..I FINALLY did a weigh in and since I last reported I am down 1.40 which is awesome. I stopped doing food journaling and haven't been working does that work? I need to get my life back on track.

I watched The Biggest Loser this week and was kind of happy to see Brady go home...I wish it would have been his wife..there is lots of drama on the show this year. I hope the right person wins.

For those of you who follow Roni's would already know about Choice Ramen and how its going to be discontinued. Last night I went to Meijer and bought 45 packets of it..they were 3 for $5.00 and they are good til 2010 so I figured that will do me some good for now..maybe I can make another trip and see if they have more. I was really bummed when I heard this news since I love Choice Ramen way better then regular ramen if you like those, you better stock up!!! Just when you find a new product and like it, they have to go take it away..ugh?

Speaking of Roni, I was soooooooooooo bummed when she came to Chicago and I couldn't make it out there. Of course when she was here it was one of my best friend's birthdays and that sunday I was going to the bears game :( But definately next time!!!

Hope everybody is having a great day..and its almost the weekend!!!

Quote of the day: Teachers possess two great powers: the ability to open and expand young minds, and control of the bathroom pass.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MIA, Wedding, Babysitting, Sick, Playing Catch up!!!

First I want to say........I have missed blogging....and I need to get back to my goal of once a week. Thanks to everybody who has been motivation to me. I have been trying to catch up mostly on reading.

I want to share this with you...Roni is having a contest...below is the information so I can enter the contest...there will be a winner..go to her website which is linked below for this awesome see how you can win!!

I entered the Gracie Gear Giveaway!
Check out Roni’s Weight Loss Blog for more information.

As all of you know I have had a lot going on with weddings, showers, just has been life nonstop I think since March...we went to our last wedding of the year Oct. 11th. It was a much needed trip. Not only did I see college friends that I haven't seen in almost two years..but it was time away together..just me and John which is important...we would have rather been at home relaxing getting stuff done but we didn't care it was just us two. I didn't track points that whole weekend which I was mad at myself but thats life...and I did my best to make good decisions while being out of town and thats all I can do... :) the world isn't going to end because of it!!

I had to babysit last week Wednesday through Friday...for a five year old...and of course that whole time I babysat...I was SICK!!! if there is one thing I's being sick.. i had no voice from Wednesday - Friday. Needless to say I had to get up earlier while taking care of her which didn't help for trying to beat this sickness...then I went to work all the days..but was sent home all three days. We were home this weekend..FINALLY..but of course I was still sick, which turned into John being sick..he was home Monday-Tuesday from work!! But I think we are both almost back to 100% again...

I am now playing catch up with blog reading, work, and I have yet to go work out (in two weeks!!) I need the motivation from these websites to help me. Thanks to everybody who has been following..and I am sorry for not sticking to my goal of blogging once a week. I will try better..just need to get back on track. Hopefully now that my body has hit shutdown..that I can start fresh, get caught up in life (which i'm still working on), and start feeling better about everything in my life!!! I plan to work out hopefully at least once this week, but I still have a lot do to do that I am behind on.

Stay hydrated and eat those veggies..we have been cooking a lot more at home, which has been helping with spending money. I just hope that life stays slow for a while so we can keep cooking..especially since the holidays are coming up soon!!! Then life will be crazy again.

Quote of the day: Aquire not only learning but the habit of learning - Proverb

I watched Biggest Loser last night..I love that show and it truly is another motivation for me...those people are amazing to see how far they come with all that exercise and weight loss.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

ever have too much going on?

I have so much going on...everybody keeps telling me that things will slow down..but I have heard that since Christmas..and it's almost Christmas again...EEK...seriously time goes by too fast!!!

Things are going well on my end...I am so excited for the cubs in the playoffs even though there was a bit of an upset last night. I was very bummed out about the game. We are having people over on Saturday so I'm in the process of thinking of a healthy menu..but we might not even have to worry about food since the game is not on until 9:00 pm our time..but not sure what time we plan on having people over yet.

I have yet to make it to curves this week....I wrote it in my calendar for there are no excuses...I just sometimes wish they were open later because by the time I get stuff that I need to get done..they are already closed..they close at 8:00pm usually...I'm going to really try to get there tomorrow but Fridays are hard since I work til 5:00 and they are only open until 6:00 but we'll see what happens.

Food journaling is going...I have been recording everything I have eaten this week.. I have been trying my darnest to make the best choices..however I have being using a lot of my Flex points this week...TOM just ended on Monday which usually doesn't affect anything...I just think I have been eating food with a lot more I have to watch that more.

I have been drinking lots of water which is great since I was slacking on that. I need to do a weigh in at home....I havent done one in a long time...I know I've gained cause awhile back I stepped on the scale before bed and I had gained a few pounds...and with not working out that is not helping I'm sure..but I'm staying positive and going to keep on going!!! I feel better overall though which is what matters.

I watched Biggest Loser and was totally bummed to see Colleen's dad go was a little emotional for me and I've been such a sap lately so I was definately teary eyed during the elimination and even when they were deciding who was going to be the one to go home...what an amazing guy to have lost 70 pounds..his daughter will be so proud of him.

I also watched the rest of Season one of One Tree Hill...I absolutely am hooked on that show.....what else have I been watching..lots of cooking shows as usual..speaking of..I read in somebody's blog...but don't remember where/who that they had a link up for Rachael Ray and a menu planning tool..I've searched the website and can't find..anybody who can help? or know what I'm talking about?

And last but not least in tv..I watched america's next top model and was shocked to see Joslyn stay..but thats just my opinion...

Thanks for all the support along the way...I really appreciate it.

Quote of the day: A kind word from a teacher can echo in a student's mind for life.

Monday, September 29, 2008

funeral and wedding in one day....

Hey Everybody...

Wow what a weekend is all I have to say. Friday we had rehersal dinner, then helped set up tables for the wedding, and then out for a friend's birthday since we had the wedding saturday. We had some unfortunate news where we had to end up going to a funeral on Saturday. My bf's mom's bf's brother died. We went to support Daryl since he was very close to his brother (even though we had never met him) This meant we drove from our house near o'hare airport all the way to wisconsin for the funeral. I had to cancel my hair appt. (for the wedding) but thats ok...then we drove to harvard, il. for bf's sister's wedding ceremony and the reception was in woostock, il. The wedding ended up getting done early so we helped clean up til about 11:00ish and then headed to Lincolnshire for a bon fire for a friend's birthday. All in all the weekend was wonderful but very busy with tears and laughs....thought i'd never go to a funeral and a wedding in the same day.

I had a great weekend of eating. We went to dunkin donuts on saturday morning since we were in a hurry...I tried the new turkey sausge egg white flatbread..I was very impressed and it was only 5.5 points. The food at the wedding was good..I had some chicken, veggies, salad, and a little bit of mashed potato. I have been staying busy with food journaling which has really been helping me see what I need to work on and keeping me accountable.

The workout news...well I didn't get to workout last week since my life has been crazy busy (i know not an excuse) hopefully this week I will be able to get in to Curves since I really miss it. Last night the girl I babysit for was dropped off and she is with me until tomorrow night. We had a mini meltdown last night when dad dropped her off since I normally get her from daycare. I also had to convince her to get a shower but we survived :) Then this morning she had a tummy ache, missed dad, and the door at school was locked so she freaked thinking she was late but there was a substitute teacher (of all days) AHH! What a day already.

I need to get back on track cooking for this week since we didn't cook this weekend since we were so busy and not home. I am hoping life will start to slow down..even though we still have one wedding left this year and the holidays to come...where does time go...

Hope everybody is doing great. Keep up the great work..and thanks for all your support!!
Quote of the day: "Is there anyoone so wise as to learn by the experience of others? ~Voltiare

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where does time go...seriously

Today is Thursday...I feel like it should be Tuesday or something..I mean I'll take that it's Thursday since the weekend is that much closer but I feel like I didn't get much done this week..just been too busy for my own good (as usual)

Food journaling has been excellent..makes me able to reflect on meals, snacks, and when I need to not just do mindless snacking. Makes me accountable for everything to help me along this journey. I have been eating when I'm hungry and that seems to be long as I have planned out snacks for the day and how many points I'm eating. This week is TOM so that is not helping right now since I'm just wanting the foods that aren't so great for me. :(

I love the cooking at home..even though I'm not that experienced in the kitchen. But I'm loving finding recipes and trying them out. I get a bunch of recipes sent to my email weekly so those give me lots of ideas. It's a great feeling knowing that we are not spending the gas money and then eating food that isn't that great for us and having to tip somebody as well as spending the money for the meal...John and I are even able to enjoy a meal (sometimes while watching a show together) but it's great bonding for us. We also even get a few leftovers sometimes which are great for lunches.

We both have been taking lunches everyday for the last two weeks, usually a sandwich, snack, and some fruit..which seems to fill both of us up. Sometimes if we're in a bind we'll grab a frozen meal..we are hooked on smart ones..not only because it tells me the points for WW but they are actually pretty good tasting compared to some frozen meals..even john made a comment that for being a frozen meal they don't taste too bad :)

This weekend we have a wedding (john's sister) so I have been trying to be good this week since I'm not sure what's on the menu for Saturday and I want to enjoy the food there of course. Sunday - Tuesday I'm babysitting so my schedule will be a little off but that's ok.

Hope everybody is doing great..thanks for all the really helps to know people are reading, that you care, and most importantly that you want to motivate me...THANK YOU!

Have a great day..time for me to refill on some water...and get back to work :)

Quote of the day: Faraway lands become closer when a teacher bridges the distance with knowledge

Thursday, September 18, 2008

good week...going fast

Hello everybody!

This week has been a great week so far..just going too fast for me. I've wanted to get back on here and blog everyday but I don't know where the time goes...

Monday I made dinner, which was a broccoli/chicken/stove top bake. I knew it was great cause John went back for seconds. We even had enough for leftovers for lunch for Tuesday :) Tuesday night we had Pasta Roni and chicken.

My food journaling is going well I'm hoping that I can keep up with that...I can't believe I went two weeks without that...

Last night I didn't get to cook because we went to see a good friend of our's niece..she was born yesterday morning..John and I are close to the family and the hospital was near the house so we went to visit.

Tonight I'm going up to see her again in the hospital..and then watching America's Next Top Model...still have to figure out dinner..I have a lot of shows to catch up on.

I've been watching One Tree Hill...I'm on season one but I'm hooked!!! But now that I've been focusing on that, my DVR is on overload with shows to catch up on...I wish I could just watch tv all day at work..then I'd really get nothing done haha!!

Last night I worked out at Curves and I also went on Tuesday...I'm going again tomorrow after that's good...I can really tell after I've worked out that it's doing something..which is such a great feeling. I need to get some water..don't think I've had nearly enough today!! Have a great day everybody..hope to be back again soon

Quote of the day: When the going gets tough at parent-teacher conferences, the tough are glad they remembered to put a jar of chocolate-covered peanuts on the table.

Maybe that quote isnt the best for blog to lose..haha..but thats the one for today...

have a good one everybody!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Gone til November.....that is how I feel

I woke up this morning november will be when I actually have some free time..but then I'll be saving money for holidays..funny how that works....either all the time in the world and no money or no time in the world and money to spend... has been SUPER busy...I haven't even had a chance to email some people who have been emailing me...I need to catch up. Friday I finally had some "me" went to play cards with the guys...

We have just been nonstop for too long and I'm trying to avoid burnout...but I have survived this much and will continue too. Our trip to Southern Illinois was AMAZING...i had so much fun and can't wait until we can hopefully go again....I have been to both showers I had this month..the one I threw for my cousin's baby (which had tons of healthy snacks and options for everybody) then I just went to John's sister's bridal shower Saturday which was at Old Country Buffet which was very hard to stay on track but I had a salad and tried really hard to be conscious of what I was putting into my mouth...

I haven't tracked points in two weeks so yesterday I started that up again because that is what helps me the most..and since I haven't weighed in since my last post I am really not sure if I have gained or not..I feel great...mainly because I have been working out..last week I only made it in twice but that's ok..

John and I also had Peapod delivered this weekend..and I wrote out a schedule of meals I'm going to make for the next two weeks...I'm hoping this will help me stay on track for points..but is much better then eating out..which we weren't doing for a while but just last week..we ate out three times...Not like us at all...

Sorry that I hadn't been posting but I know that I need to do it because it keeps me on track and I really keep going because of the support I get from Thank you to everybody who has left me a comment....I have some reading to soon!!!

Quote of the day: A school should not be a preparation for life. A school should be life. ~Elbert Hubbard