Thursday, October 2, 2008

ever have too much going on?

I have so much going on...everybody keeps telling me that things will slow down..but I have heard that since Christmas..and it's almost Christmas again...EEK...seriously time goes by too fast!!!

Things are going well on my end...I am so excited for the cubs in the playoffs even though there was a bit of an upset last night. I was very bummed out about the game. We are having people over on Saturday so I'm in the process of thinking of a healthy menu..but we might not even have to worry about food since the game is not on until 9:00 pm our time..but not sure what time we plan on having people over yet.

I have yet to make it to curves this week....I wrote it in my calendar for there are no excuses...I just sometimes wish they were open later because by the time I get stuff that I need to get done..they are already closed..they close at 8:00pm usually...I'm going to really try to get there tomorrow but Fridays are hard since I work til 5:00 and they are only open until 6:00 but we'll see what happens.

Food journaling is going...I have been recording everything I have eaten this week.. I have been trying my darnest to make the best choices..however I have being using a lot of my Flex points this week...TOM just ended on Monday which usually doesn't affect anything...I just think I have been eating food with a lot more I have to watch that more.

I have been drinking lots of water which is great since I was slacking on that. I need to do a weigh in at home....I havent done one in a long time...I know I've gained cause awhile back I stepped on the scale before bed and I had gained a few pounds...and with not working out that is not helping I'm sure..but I'm staying positive and going to keep on going!!! I feel better overall though which is what matters.

I watched Biggest Loser and was totally bummed to see Colleen's dad go was a little emotional for me and I've been such a sap lately so I was definately teary eyed during the elimination and even when they were deciding who was going to be the one to go home...what an amazing guy to have lost 70 pounds..his daughter will be so proud of him.

I also watched the rest of Season one of One Tree Hill...I absolutely am hooked on that show.....what else have I been watching..lots of cooking shows as usual..speaking of..I read in somebody's blog...but don't remember where/who that they had a link up for Rachael Ray and a menu planning tool..I've searched the website and can't find..anybody who can help? or know what I'm talking about?

And last but not least in tv..I watched america's next top model and was shocked to see Joslyn stay..but thats just my opinion...

Thanks for all the support along the way...I really appreciate it.

Quote of the day: A kind word from a teacher can echo in a student's mind for life.

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