Monday, September 29, 2008

funeral and wedding in one day....

Hey Everybody...

Wow what a weekend is all I have to say. Friday we had rehersal dinner, then helped set up tables for the wedding, and then out for a friend's birthday since we had the wedding saturday. We had some unfortunate news where we had to end up going to a funeral on Saturday. My bf's mom's bf's brother died. We went to support Daryl since he was very close to his brother (even though we had never met him) This meant we drove from our house near o'hare airport all the way to wisconsin for the funeral. I had to cancel my hair appt. (for the wedding) but thats ok...then we drove to harvard, il. for bf's sister's wedding ceremony and the reception was in woostock, il. The wedding ended up getting done early so we helped clean up til about 11:00ish and then headed to Lincolnshire for a bon fire for a friend's birthday. All in all the weekend was wonderful but very busy with tears and laughs....thought i'd never go to a funeral and a wedding in the same day.

I had a great weekend of eating. We went to dunkin donuts on saturday morning since we were in a hurry...I tried the new turkey sausge egg white flatbread..I was very impressed and it was only 5.5 points. The food at the wedding was good..I had some chicken, veggies, salad, and a little bit of mashed potato. I have been staying busy with food journaling which has really been helping me see what I need to work on and keeping me accountable.

The workout news...well I didn't get to workout last week since my life has been crazy busy (i know not an excuse) hopefully this week I will be able to get in to Curves since I really miss it. Last night the girl I babysit for was dropped off and she is with me until tomorrow night. We had a mini meltdown last night when dad dropped her off since I normally get her from daycare. I also had to convince her to get a shower but we survived :) Then this morning she had a tummy ache, missed dad, and the door at school was locked so she freaked thinking she was late but there was a substitute teacher (of all days) AHH! What a day already.

I need to get back on track cooking for this week since we didn't cook this weekend since we were so busy and not home. I am hoping life will start to slow down..even though we still have one wedding left this year and the holidays to come...where does time go...

Hope everybody is doing great. Keep up the great work..and thanks for all your support!!
Quote of the day: "Is there anyoone so wise as to learn by the experience of others? ~Voltiare

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