Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where does time go...seriously

Today is Thursday...I feel like it should be Tuesday or something..I mean I'll take that it's Thursday since the weekend is that much closer but I feel like I didn't get much done this week..just been too busy for my own good (as usual)

Food journaling has been excellent..makes me able to reflect on meals, snacks, and when I need to not just do mindless snacking. Makes me accountable for everything to help me along this journey. I have been eating when I'm hungry and that seems to be long as I have planned out snacks for the day and how many points I'm eating. This week is TOM so that is not helping right now since I'm just wanting the foods that aren't so great for me. :(

I love the cooking at home..even though I'm not that experienced in the kitchen. But I'm loving finding recipes and trying them out. I get a bunch of recipes sent to my email weekly so those give me lots of ideas. It's a great feeling knowing that we are not spending the gas money and then eating food that isn't that great for us and having to tip somebody as well as spending the money for the meal...John and I are even able to enjoy a meal (sometimes while watching a show together) but it's great bonding for us. We also even get a few leftovers sometimes which are great for lunches.

We both have been taking lunches everyday for the last two weeks, usually a sandwich, snack, and some fruit..which seems to fill both of us up. Sometimes if we're in a bind we'll grab a frozen meal..we are hooked on smart ones..not only because it tells me the points for WW but they are actually pretty good tasting compared to some frozen meals..even john made a comment that for being a frozen meal they don't taste too bad :)

This weekend we have a wedding (john's sister) so I have been trying to be good this week since I'm not sure what's on the menu for Saturday and I want to enjoy the food there of course. Sunday - Tuesday I'm babysitting so my schedule will be a little off but that's ok.

Hope everybody is doing great..thanks for all the really helps to know people are reading, that you care, and most importantly that you want to motivate me...THANK YOU!

Have a great day..time for me to refill on some water...and get back to work :)

Quote of the day: Faraway lands become closer when a teacher bridges the distance with knowledge

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