Thursday, May 29, 2008

Miss Me?

I am BACK. It has been definately a crazy busy week.......I had a great trip..short but sweet. Saturday was a rough start with a delayed flight, horrible service at Chili's in the airport including cold food and over easy eggs that were hard??, and a beer being spilled on me at 9:00 am by some guy who didn't even apologize..UGH. Anyways..the trip was fun when we got there and it was nice to see the lil brother graduate!

We got home late on Sunday and Monday we relaxed around the house and then went to my mom and dad's for a BBQ. Tuesday I was trying to catch up at work, Wednesday I was in and out of the office and today I've been at work all day.

As far as my eating has gone..I tracked points the best I could while I was out of town...and even tried to drink a lot of water. Since I have been back in town I need to work on drinking more water...cause since last week I haven't drank as much water...but overall have been eating within point range but personally don't think it's been the best food choices...such as burgers instead of veggies..or wings/pizza...ugh..but have been on points.

I am going to the cubs game tonight so I have to make sure to make good decisions there even though there are so many temptations..and we have two birthday parties this weekend which will be hard as well.

Busy busy brain is all over the place but I wanted to stop by and check in with everybody.

Quote of the day: Remember, next to your students' families, you are the most important person to them. While this is an awesome responsibility , it is also a great job. Act and react with this in mind all day long.

Friday, May 23, 2008

leaving on an airplane.....

First I need to start by saying GO DAVID COOK!!! I was so happy to see that he won! I will say that I watched the Cubs game first and watched Idol on my DVR after the game. Right after they said "and the winner IS....David Cook" my DVR cut out :( I am happy that I got to see who it was but I am sad that I missed his reaction, the family joining him on stage, and another song..

My week has been great so far. I have been taking the stairs and my legs are even a little sore from it because I have also had to go up and down the stairs more this week then normal. My eating has been I did go to arbys for lunch..eek! I only ate half of a flatbread sandwich though and some fries. And I did go to Buffalo Wild Wings last night...which was probably my only big "no no" this week. I did eat four wings, had two beers, and snacked on some of my boyfriend's appetizers. All in all though it was a pretty healthy week...mainly because I brought a lunch everyday..except for today's lunch. Today I met John at Arby's..we work at the same place (for my dad) and he has lunch everyday from 12:00-12:30..I don't take a lunch so when we can (today was the 2nd time ever only) I go get the food at like 11:50 then he meets me and we eat quick in the car..only get to see each other for maybe 15 minutes but it works...see I am used to talking to him at work and now that he works with me we can't call each other and say hi...BOOOooOOO!!!

I will not be around all weekend either...I am flying out to Connecticut to see my little brother graduate from high school. He goes to a prep school and Sunday is his big day. I am so proud of him. I barely ever see him so it will be a nice treat. I hope that I can stay on track this weekend and make healthy choices and even drink lots of water....even though I'm sure we'll be eating out all weekend.

This week I had more water then normal and I definately notice the difference. If I didn't have any with me in the car or somewhere I was like I was really maybe now my body wants the water! My dad jokes cause I always bring two 1L bottles of water a day..and he always says, make sure your near the bathroom drinking all that water! :)

Quote of the day: Teachers first help students find their dreams, then to follow them.

I'll miss everybody!! Have a great weekend. Be safe, eat healthy, and more importantly HAVE FUN!!! I probably won't be back online until Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

tonight is the night.......

American Idol season finale is on tonight.........I really love David Cook...(if you read yesterday..i posted david A when I meant to put a bad..but I fixed it...don't want any confusion....

I am so happy to watch the show last night and I can't wait until tonight to see what happens...however even though I love david cook..I almost don't want him to win cause I feel that Idol will give him a contract and make him sing music he doesn't like to sing..but maybe not...

Anyways..on the health front..I have been tracking my points..doing well eating fruits and veggies..I have been big on those frozen individual servings of I had the carrots and broccoli with italian seasong..very convenient for me..along with that I had the eating well frozen meal...

I have still been taking the stairs at home which has been helping..I know I need to get on a "workout" schedule..but I'm new to working out and still can't find the motivation to last past a few days..ugh..and I really want to do that couch to 5k program but looking at when to switch from walking to jogging..seems to confuse me already..maybe not once I start..haha..

Tonight i'm meeting some old friends for dinner..I have points saved to eat but I plan on not eating too much.. I have been drinking LOTS of my brother brought me a bottle of 1L of water and im on my second one..and I know I'll have water with dinner as well..maybe even a drink..haven't decided yet..I love that beer MGD lite 64 cause it's only one point!! yipee..that's good news to somebody who likes beer...

Have a wonderful day!!!

Qute of the day: The only means of strenthening one's intellect is to make up one's mind about nothing -- to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts. --John Keats

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

should be working...

Last night I came home from work...took the stairs up again..which I'm trying to do at any chance I have..since we live on the 5th its kind of a workout..

I did two loads of laundry yesterday...I swear it NEVER ends...then we made breakfast for was sooo yummy even though I did have some biscuits and gravy..but it was ok because I had points for it cause I knew we were eating that.

We also watched the cubs game and they won!!! WAHOO..

Tonight I'm meeting two friends for dinner..I've been trying to look online to see what I can get..we are going to cheeseburger in paradise..not sure what to eat that will do me any good..probably not a whole lot..because there is no nutritional information anywhere.

Then when I come home I am watching IDOL!!!! I hope David COOK wins tomorrow night..if not I believe he'll still be the most successful out of the two..but thats my opinion.

After tomorrow I really need to find some new shows to start to watch.

Quote of the day: Every classroom, a gallery; every student, a canvas' every teacher, an artist.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Back to work.....

that's all I ever have to hear...back to work time. I had a great weekend...even though it's always too short.

I stayed on points all weekend so I was totally excited about that!!!! I had a busy weekend as well. Friday I went to dinner at Lou Malnatti's...we went for the salad..which is one of my favorites..then we had a small piece of pizza each that had spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms on it..YUMMY! We went out to meet some friends for a little bit...Saturday john had to work so I got up when he left, did some stuff around the house like laundry and dishes, and of course watched the cub's game. Saturday we met up with some friends and hung out all night.

Sunday was a long day...I was tired from not getting much sleep...and we drove to WI to see john's mom to go to "card camp." It was a lot of fun..once a month..make 5 different cards (2 of each) so its a great get 10 cards done in two hours and get to build up a good card collection instead of having to always go buy one.

On our way home, we went grocery shopping...we bought a ton of new stuff..we bought salads for today, lots of fruit, and even some frozen meals from eating right...the brand I mentioned maybe a week or two we'll try those out.

I am looking forward to having another good week of points..and eating everything I bought because we spent ALOT of money yesterday at the store. I am happy to report that I weighed myself Saturday morning and I weighed I was EXCITED!! I feel like the clothes are fitting a little better...but the best feeling is seeing the scale go down a pound...thats motivation for might be just taking the stairs like I have been up and down to the 5th floor of our condo when I can...every little bit counts

Everybody ready for Idol this week? I can't wait to see who wins. GO DAVID COOK!!!!

Any new shows coming out? I watched America's Next Top Model, Biggest Loser, and Idol from start to finish....but now I need new shows to watch. I also can't wait until Sex & the City comes out in the movies...but I still need to have a marathon and watch all the episodes cause there are some I haven't seen..I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

I was also so proud of myself this weekend cause I drank lots of water..which isn't normal for's so much easier for me to drink water at work cause there is a water I have no excuse at home because I went and bought new brita water filters...yay!

Quote of the day: An open book opens a mind - and countless doors.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Im back again this week..this is like a record for me.

Well this week has once again flown by...I woke up thinking it was thursday but luckily it's friday...instead of it only being Wednesday or something...

How did everybody's week go so far?

So today I joined the Blog to Lose.....because it has lots of very cool adding friends, chat room, and forums...I just really enjoy it..I think you should check it out. I think I might post the same blog postings on both sites..I haven't really decided....

What are the plans for the weekend? Tonight I might go out with the ladies and have a girl night...

tomorrow john works so i'll get some stuff around the house and maybe grocery shop..sunday we are going to WI to see his mom..her and I do a card "camp" once a month so we are going there and then all going to dinner. that is my weekend in a nutshell..I hope to walk outside if it's nice out and I hope to grocery shop for next week too!!

Quote of the day:
Teaching is the highest form of understanding.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Take the Stairs!!!

well hello...

so I decided the other night that instead of waiting for my elevator at my condo...I'm going to start taking the stairs..the elevator is SO slow....and I live on the 5th floor so thats a little bit of exercise for me :)

Does anybody watch American Idol or America's Next Top Model? I watched both of those last night....I was hoping that David A would go home :( but nope...but thats ok cause my vote is for David Cook. And America's Next Top Model..I was so happy for Whitney..because she is representing how "normal" women look...and not everybody is a size I was happy for her.

As far as my WW points this week..I have 12 flex points left only until Saturday but that should be all good...and I have been drinking ALOT of water this week so that is good too. I have also been trying to eat a lot of salad....for some reason I love having salad during the summer.

Have a great day!!!

Quote of the day: "Learning to count is good. Learning what counts in life is better"

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm back

Hello All,

Once again I disappeared on sorry!!! It was hard to keep up while dog sitting which was for two weeks..then I have been just trying to catch up with stuff at home since we weren't home for two weeks.

Anyways..yes we are done dog sitting..finally!!! :) yay they did not kidnap me. I did enjoy both the cubs games that we went to. That was our payment for watching the dogs.

I have weighed in a few times since I last spoke with everybody...I did gain a few pounds...and was up to 193.2 and I weighed in yesterday morning and I am back at 188.6 which is awesome since I have been tracking my points again.

Last sunday, I went shopping at Dominick's instead of Jewel just to see how prices compared and to see what they had different. I found tons of fun new stuff...I can't remember what the line of food that I started to buy was was something along the lines of eating healthy or healthy living...has a green label. I will have to get back to you on that one. I bought lots of stuff from them though...breakfast muffins, frozen dinner which were huge..they were two servings for one box, and juice. Some were higher in points but I know that John will eat them (he's not tracking points) and he's allowed a lot more points then me he said those products were good tasting so I will definately be buying more in the future. We had a great week of bringing lunches...I had a salad most days with lots of fresh veggies.

Since yesterday was mother's day i was unable to stop at the grocery store but maybe tonight or tomorrow...even though we still have some stuff left from last shopping trip.

I have been drinking lots of water and really trying to watch what I eat. I am feeling really good.

And the SUN IS OUT today..which is awesome because yesterday I bought two pairs of sunglasses

Quote of the day: A load of books does not equal one good teacher. ~chinese proverb

Well have a great week...drink water, eat veggies, and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!