Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MIA, Wedding, Babysitting, Sick, Playing Catch up!!!

First I want to say........I have missed blogging....and I need to get back to my goal of once a week. Thanks to everybody who has been motivation to me. I have been trying to catch up mostly on reading.

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As all of you know I have had a lot going on with weddings, showers, just has been life nonstop I think since March...we went to our last wedding of the year Oct. 11th. It was a much needed trip. Not only did I see college friends that I haven't seen in almost two years..but it was time away together..just me and John which is important...we would have rather been at home relaxing getting stuff done but we didn't care it was just us two. I didn't track points that whole weekend which I was mad at myself but thats life...and I did my best to make good decisions while being out of town and thats all I can do... :) the world isn't going to end because of it!!

I had to babysit last week Wednesday through Friday...for a five year old...and of course that whole time I babysat...I was SICK!!! if there is one thing I's being sick.. i had no voice from Wednesday - Friday. Needless to say I had to get up earlier while taking care of her which didn't help for trying to beat this sickness...then I went to work all the days..but was sent home all three days. We were home this weekend..FINALLY..but of course I was still sick, which turned into John being sick..he was home Monday-Tuesday from work!! But I think we are both almost back to 100% again...

I am now playing catch up with blog reading, work, and I have yet to go work out (in two weeks!!) I need the motivation from these websites to help me. Thanks to everybody who has been following..and I am sorry for not sticking to my goal of blogging once a week. I will try better..just need to get back on track. Hopefully now that my body has hit shutdown..that I can start fresh, get caught up in life (which i'm still working on), and start feeling better about everything in my life!!! I plan to work out hopefully at least once this week, but I still have a lot do to do that I am behind on.

Stay hydrated and eat those veggies..we have been cooking a lot more at home, which has been helping with spending money. I just hope that life stays slow for a while so we can keep cooking..especially since the holidays are coming up soon!!! Then life will be crazy again.

Quote of the day: Aquire not only learning but the habit of learning - Proverb

I watched Biggest Loser last night..I love that show and it truly is another motivation for me...those people are amazing to see how far they come with all that exercise and weight loss.

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